Texas Tech

The senator tweeted with 35 seconds to go and Texas Tech up by 1 over Virginia in the NCAA final. The jinx was on.
Ladies, if you’ve been looking for a good reason to watch football this season — we’ve found one for you.
This is not the first time antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs' have become airborne. A 2012 study found that sneezing, coughing
Another suggests they wait until they are able to contact the president. As in, the president. Our patriots explain further
Can you discuss O'Neill National Critics Institute expanded curriculum? MC: Teaching students the tenets of good, responsible
A new study released July 31 by the National Research Council may help prevent future accidents by challenging current safety standards in academic and nonindustrial labs across the U.S. with nine recommendations aimed at the higher-education and scientific community.
Smart has faced up to his errors and will pay the price. The Big 12 Conference has seen to that. Will Mr. Orr's punishment be simply his self-imposed exile for the balance of the season?
Oklahoma State's 65-61 loss to Texas Tech proved too much for Marcus Smart. In the final seconds of the NCAA college basketball
My husband and I tell Alex regularly to go for his dreams. But the power of seeing a string of successful deaf athletes in action has done more to drive that message home than anything we could say.