Texas Tech

The senator tweeted with 35 seconds to go and Texas Tech up by 1 over Virginia in the NCAA final. The jinx was on.
Ladies, if you’ve been looking for a good reason to watch football this season — we’ve found one for you.
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria limit doctors’ ability to treat life-threatening bacterial infections and account for at least
This is the Alamo of Texas Tech. As our warriors take their positions, standing up to the might of a bucket loader, cries
MC: Yes, with Chris Jones at the helm, we are actually doing more than theatre criticism. We're having them critique restaurants
A new study released July 31 by the National Research Council may help prevent future accidents by challenging current safety standards in academic and nonindustrial labs across the U.S. with nine recommendations aimed at the higher-education and scientific community.
Smart has faced up to his errors and will pay the price. The Big 12 Conference has seen to that. Will Mr. Orr's punishment be simply his self-imposed exile for the balance of the season?
The fan was later identified as Jeff Orr, who is known for traveling thousands of miles each year to attend Texas Tech games
My husband and I tell Alex regularly to go for his dreams. But the power of seeing a string of successful deaf athletes in action has done more to drive that message home than anything we could say.
Oregon may have started slow against UCLA, but a flurry of points and breaks in the fourth quarter gave the Ducks a 28 point victory over UCLA and gave the Predictalator its fourth straight victory against-the-spread in the Game of the Week.
Check out Glassdoor's top 10 universities to work in 2013 below: Florida State University may rank as No. 9 for best schools
Sad to say, rare is the day when we who analyze American higher education can report good news. At the same time, there is some good news on the education front, and it comes from Lubbock, Texas.
A Texas Tech University fan faces criminal assault charges after he attempted to streak during a football game on Saturday
Jennifer Sunseri lost her job as an assistant professor in 2009. Now, after nearly three years of unemployment, no health
Tuberville has never won a national championship. Meyer has won two of them at the University of Florida. Newly hired Urban
Artists are people who create their own credentials, but a movement may be afoot to create doctoral programs in studio arts.
I remember. I remember when she was placed in my arms in the delivery room. She was healthy and her mother was healthy, and I sighed a prayer of thanks.
A 29-year-old Texas Tech student died early Saturday after a friend accidentally shot him in a northeast Dallas residence