Thich Nhat Hanh

Reciting these gratitude prayers and mealtime blessings (ideally around a table while surrounded by your nearest and dearest) can help you recognize the beauty in your life.
Lately I've been hearing a lot of complaints from my coaching clients and friends about their partners. The summary? They're
Rumi, a 13th century poet wrote, “The wound is the place where the light enters.” I read this quote over and over again throughout
It involves a lot more than meditating.
Two Buddhist teachers reveal how conquering anger and quiet resistance is key to bringing lasting change to the world
"Do not lose yourself in the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. Do not get caught in your anger, worries, or fears
Back in the U.S., Pamela Benge, the mother of Alfred Alongo, killed in El Cajon, CA, said, "We came from a war zone, Uganda
Buddhist meditation -- and its recent secular incarnation in mindfulness -- is clinically proven to help build resilience to cope with life's stresses. It's inspirational to know that it played a part in ensuring December's historic deal in Paris.
The city was on a 10:00 pm curfew. In black and brown neighborhoods people were arrested when they broke the curfew; in white
We, humans, have the luxury of free will. What are we choosing? The path of suffering and rejection, or a path of loving and caring? I invite you to let go of the old paradigm to create the breathing space to find the true potential in the highest "I."