Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan were overheard questioning the gender of a trans model from their front-row seats at a New York Fashion Week show.
In his Netflix special "Sticks & Stones," Chappelle performed a blatantly racist impression of a Chinese person as part of an anti-trans joke.
Pinkston, who has appeared in campaigns for Rihanna's Savage x Fenty line, said she "panicked" after her transphobic Facebook posts resurfaced online.
It's set to join five other states banning the homophobic and transphobic argument that a victim's sexual identity was a source of distress to the perpetrator.
The Pride Train SF Alerts bring a message of inclusion and tolerance to the trains, but the Muni system says they go off the rails on language and logo.
"People are really queerphobic and transphobic,” the actress said.
“The murder of any trans person sends a message: that we don't deserve to exist,” the president of a trans advocacy group said.
Lawyer and LGBTQ rights advocate, Pedro Irigonegaray has consistently battled Fred Phelps in court throughout his career.
Of the 20 students I tutor weekly, he is the only one who has said (out loud) that he has an issue with my transition.
The president and his 63 million followers will be associated with the doldrums of American history.
*Trigger Warning: Transphobia* Recently, Scary Mommy ran one of my stories on raising a *TGNC, non-binary child. They changed
Bigotry, sexism, and transphobia aren't just differences of opinion.
What do we do about the overwhelming misogyny that exists in our communities?
Civil rights groups say the NCAA is breaking its "promise to ensure all championship games are held in locations that are safe, respectful, and free of discrimination."
As a 23-year-old trans man living in a state with anti-transgender bathroom bills, my STP has saved my life in numerous occasions.