Businesses that allow trans people to use the restroom that best matches their gender identity were required to post a red and yellow warning sign.
The revised company memo appears to be a response to Dave Chappelle's controversial 2021 special on the streaming platform.
Netflix reinstated a transgender software engineer, who critcized Dave Chappelle’s new stand-up special, “The Closer,” and two other employees amid backlash from the LGBTQ community for the comedian’s transphobic jokes.
Florida's GOP governor faced criticism for saying the NCAA was "making a mockery of its championships" by allowing Lia Thomas to compete in the women's event.
Continuing his transphobia, Ken Paxton intentionally misgendered HHS Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine for being honored as "woman of the year."
“Levine is a fake admiral and, we’re told, a woman," the Fox News host said, denigrating the nation's first openly transgender admiral.
Amid unprecedented attacks, including harassment from state officials, many families are dreading the next knock on the door.
Civil rights groups say Gov. Greg Abbott's new policy violates Texas law and the rights of transgender kids and their parents.
It's the first state to pass such a ban in 2022.
Terra Field was suspended from the company and then reinstated last month after publicly criticizing Chappelle's comedy special as transphobic.