It's been an eventful year for Travelistas Teri Johnson and Andrea Adams. From Dogon, Mali to Michigan Avenue, these ladies
Following a long day of exploring Atlanta's overflowing "creativity and charm," Teri and Andrea were ready to sample some
Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was Chicago, which means that there was plenty more to see and do after Teri and Andrea
Dance classes came next on Teri and Andrea's full plate. Cynthia Shanks and Stan Bailey taught them step dancing, "a smooth
EXPERIENCING Determine who’s traveling, select a destination, and set a date. Inform the essential parties (boss and co-workers
After my visit in Niogono, I arrived in the Dogon village of Sangha. Upon my arrival, I learned the traditional way that people greet each time pass they pass one another. The eldest begins the greeting.
The nightlife in Antigua is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. In my quest to find the spots where the locals hang, I would run into tourists or medical students from all over the world.
During their first few days in NOLA, the Travelistas took in the sights of the historic French Quarter and African-American
We all look forward to the summer for longer days, sunny weather, and outdoor festivals. Whether it's food and wine or musical
The cuisine on the island of Antigua is similar to other Caribbean islands, however, Antigua is known for a few special dishes
Fresh off an island adventure in Antigua and Barbuda, the Travelistas are back in the States. Next stop: New Orleans, where
My first stop was Mount Obama, which was renamed in 2009 by the Prime Minister as a symbol of hope for all people. Formerly
Travelista Teri explains how to get and stay bikini ready with some diet, exercise and skin tips. Read more on Travelista.TV
If the recession is affecting your quality of life and preventing you from enjoying and experiencing the best that life has
Instead of going through the motions during your next trip to the airport, treat it as an experience. Airplanes utilize a
While Andrea delves into the visual art scene, Teri continues to explore the musical roots of the city, and talks to Harlem
After checking in to their hotel, Teri and Andrea head uptown to Harlem, where Andrea checks out the fashion scene at the
I'm not sure that there is a precise moment when travel migrated from a passionate past time to simply a way of life for me. Travel has become an art form, a stimulant, and a mode of expression.
With only one week to prepare for five fun-filled days in Trinidad, I reached out to every Trini I knew to get their tips on how to arrive "Carnival Ready." My goal for this experience was to play mas like a true Trini.
Webisode 1: Teri travels from Bamako and Ségou It's been four months and I'm still alive and protected from yellow fever