It's been an eventful year for Travelistas Teri Johnson and Andrea Adams. From Dogon, Mali to Michigan Avenue, these ladies
Travelistas Teri and Andrea are back, and this time they're headed South to see what exciting adventures await them in "Hotlanta
To kick off the second leg of their trip, the Travelistas fueled up back at their hotel and then split up to check out the
The Travelistas kicked off their journey at the famous Magnificent Mile strip in Chicago, where they reveled in the "soaring
Determine who’s traveling, select a destination, and set a date. Inform the essential parties (boss and co-workers, spouse
After my visit in Niogono, I arrived in the Dogon village of Sangha. Upon my arrival, I learned the traditional way that people greet each time pass they pass one another. The eldest begins the greeting.
The nightlife in Antigua is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. In my quest to find the spots where the locals hang, I would run into tourists or medical students from all over the world.
During their first few days in NOLA, the Travelistas took in the sights of the historic French Quarter and African-American
We all look forward to the summer for longer days, sunny weather, and outdoor festivals. Whether it's food and wine or musical
After my luxurious stay at Carlisle Bay, I moved to the opposite side of the island to a boutique bed and breakfast called