Tweets Of The Week

"That’s my emotional support months long opened Google chrome tab"
"In England 'booster shot' is spelled 'borchestershire shot'"
"Playing board games with your kids and deliberately trying to lose so it ends quicker is a parenting art form"
"i’m gonna be unstoppable once i figure out what my whole deal is"
"Rotisserie chicken wakes up the primal huntress in me."
"Excuse me while I overthink this and get back to you."
"Dining out with kids is a great way to practice talking in angry whispers"
"sorry I’m late, my cat and I were exchanging slow blinks"
"When fleetwood mac said 'don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow' i felt that because i have anxiety."
"If you’re not 12 hours early then are you even going to the movies, airport, party, or show with a dad?"