University of Minnesota

The bureau said a University of Minnesota student may have "intentionally" been handling the biological toxin.
Roberts, speaking at a University of Minnesota event, acknowledged “the contentious events in Washington in recent weeks."
Resistance icon Richard Painter seeks Minnesota's Democratic Senate nomination, despite having served a GOP president.
Children from low-income households are shut out from rigorous educational activities that set them up for future success.
There are at least 29 fundraising profiles on the site that specifically reference the Oct. 1 shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.
Super long commutes of 90 minutes or more are growing fast in more states as rent hikes force service workers farther away
Here's how they can recruit volunteers of color.
Around 2 percent of people have what's known as mirror-touch synesthesia.
In recent years the other great streak in intercollegiate sport came in hockey when the University of Minnesota team won
Future victims now have to contend with the possibility that an entire community will turn against them.
The players will resume practicing to play in their upcoming bowl game, they announced Saturday.
Eric W. Kaler said the school's values were more important than the team's scheduled Holiday Bowl appearance.