University of Missouri

The author discussed white supremacy and privilege at the University of Missouri.
"After all, it's not murder if they're black," read an online post.
It matters a good deal to smaller towns with less vibrant economies, both as a one-time revenue boost as well as an aid to longer-term marketing efforts.
By John J. Martin The United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, which were designed to “end
The organization wants people to know their civil rights may be violated in the Show Me State.
As Sports Talk Radio broke the news of Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops’ retirement, speculation was rampant that he was in ill
Black activism on college campuses is not a new initiative.
Though the classes have changed, the mission has not.
Doctoral students Doug Wilbur and Dani Myers analyzed Twitter responses to a crisis and found that seemingly unorganized or semi-organized groups may actually develop organized positions toward a company in crisis.
Prejudice's real roots are far less immediately accessible than we think they are, so it's time to stop having such brash reactions to injustice and start having deep, elevated conversations about it.
Black student activists accomplished so much within this past year and reached new levels of success. Not only did they fight for racial equality, but they bonded a community, inspired many, and ultimately accomplished change on their campuses and institutions.