University of Montana

Rep. Greg Gianforte would not say whether other Montanans should do the same.
In response, two Indian tribes, the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux, filed new motions to halt the pipeline's construction
Author Jon Krakauer has spent two years fighting to learn how a University of Montana student escaped expulsion for a sexual assault claim.
"Is it weird to be proud of your stereotype?" one University of Montana student asks as part of a new social experiment from
By Laura Zuckerman Kramer was the second University of Montana student to go missing in recent weeks. The body of Lucius
One case cited in the report echoed Barrett's experience. A police summary said an assault victim "has made out with other
Read more on Montana Kaimin They figure Wiltse is skipping a sex scene. Jeff Wiltse sets up the projector in his Movie America
The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights ("OCR") is the federal agency responsible for enforcing Title
Lisak agreed "that showing [college officials] data from their own institution can certainly help" combat misconceptions
The federal government is facing pressure from civil-liberties advocates to back down from a policy meant to curb sexual
"The complaint definitely resulted in some important policy changes -- including the complete restructuring of the grievance
According to FIRE, the definition in the agreement removes the need to prove that the alleged misconduct was offensive to
Many colleges use electronic key card systems to keep residence halls and academic buildings locked at all times in an effort
The topic of sexuality is subject to the same principles of academic freedom as any other topic. Sexual harassment is wrong because it is harassment, not because it is sexual.
Women reporting sexual assault were exposed to initial police interviews that could "discourage women from reporting sexual
Colleges could soon have new national standards for how they handle reported sexual assaults on their campuses, thanks to
Johnson's lawyer, Kirsten Pabst, said in her opening statement that the woman wanted a relationship with "the star quarterback
According the Missoulian, Green denied knowing the girl's real age but “claimed he thought Doe was 14 or 15 years old (and