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Conventional wisdom says job and population growth is a marker of a healthy economy. But these cities show that's not always the case.
"We will work together as one. We will defeat hate with love," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said after the shooting at the city's Tree of Life synagogue.
City leaders are now pushing to make sure the revival reaches everybody.
I see every day how working in and for the natural world can change a young person.
Health trends come and go, but one medical truism has proven remarkably durable: if regular exercise were a drug, nearly
Beyond allowing us to develop more effective interventions, these approaches may illuminate decisions that are truly un-nudge
If a Pigovian tax is desirable for some reason, whether to nudge healthier behavior or to raise needed revenue, is there a way to make it more acceptable?
Changing a mindset is never easy, but by viewing student development through the lens of building strengths rather than correcting faults, higher education institutions are better able to drive key student success outcomes.
For these types of behavior change, we need an expanded nudge toolkit--what we'll call Nudge 2.0. These strategies go beyond
Not all students will found companies, but all should possess the business skills to succeed in an entrepreneurial environment.
We must recognize the unique circumstances that will impact female students rather than male students after graduation.
I often see busy professionals who are stuck on the never-ending treadmill of work and life and don't allow themselves to
The most important distinction between volunteerism as a "break" from college and the integrated service-learning experiences
While there is no debate that an international experience has value, there is an emerging dialogue over what the ultimate goal or purpose of study abroad should be beyond mere exposure to cultures outside of one's culture of origin. Is exposure alone the ultimate goal?
It's National Mentoring month and thus is a good time to explore mentoring as a career development tool. Mentoring can help organizations fill their leadership gaps by developing the next generation of individuals who will lead and manage the work of innovation.
It is important that we focus our attention on the need for meaningful and integrated experiences that are an extension of the learning environment. This is what adequately prepares students for what lies ahead, both locally and globally.
Recent research shows that students' engagement in meaningful co-curricular activities has a strong impact on intellectual skill development, overall college adjustment, practical skill growth, and positive self-image.