University of Pittsburgh

Bing Liu, who University of Pittsburgh officials said was making “very significant findings” on the virus, was found dead in his home Saturday.
Conventional wisdom says job and population growth is a marker of a healthy economy. But these cities show that's not always the case.
"We will work together as one. We will defeat hate with love," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said after the shooting at the city's Tree of Life synagogue.
Not all tears are the same.
City leaders are now pushing to make sure the revival reaches everybody.
I see every day how working in and for the natural world can change a young person.
Health trends come and go, but one medical truism has proven remarkably durable: if regular exercise were a drug, nearly
Bundling Nudges to Raise Overall Effectiveness Even in "successful" nudges, a substantial portion of the population seems
If a Pigovian tax is desirable for some reason, whether to nudge healthier behavior or to raise needed revenue, is there a way to make it more acceptable?