Trump won about 60 percent of the vote in these areas, far exceeding his overall count.
What exactly is self-compassion? "If you had difficulty with the test you just took, you're not alone. It's common for students
Similarly, 52 percent of people with some college experience reported people had acted as if they thought the individual
Black allies and fans who have enjoyed her brand of conscious alternative hip-hop music since her "Becky Done Gun and "Paper Planes" days have to confront the ethics of supporting a fellow person of color who has lately proven she isn't as down with the cause as her social justice-infused oeuvre suggests.
One of the enduring consequences of living in extraordinary times is that so often we are compelled to a consideration of
This week's UT-Austin protest was dubbed "cocks not glocks" with thousands of rubber dildos passed out and displayed by students to bring attention to the "absurdity" of allowing concealed guns on campus.
To protest a new state law that makes the carrying of concealed handguns legal in college classrooms, students at the University
Reliable information on deaths that occur during arrests and while in jail and prison is important. Such data allow us to identify problems in the criminal justice system and come up with solutions based on evidence. It also provides greater transparency and accountability, and ultimately can help gain communities' trust.
As the discussion below shows, the campus carry movement has, it seems, a different ideology for higher education. The underlying motivation is that traditional authority must be maintained and, in the end, disagreement is resolved by force, not by debate.
A grim way to mark half a century since the Bell Tower attack.
“Compelling professors at a public university to allow ... students to carry concealed guns in their classrooms chills their First Amendment rights to academic freedom.”
Cameras may not lie, but people do all the time. While it's not infallible, video offers an invaluable way to find the truth.
There are increasing numbers of young adults entering the labor market each year and simply not enough jobs to employ them
It is tempting to pit racial/ethnic and socioeconomic diversity as competing goals. But there is no evidence that pursuing one kind of diversity keeps colleges from achieving the other.
With a similar case against Harvard University currently winding its way through the federal courts, the answer may not be