Willow Smith

"I can't stop crying!" the Oscar winner said in an Instagram post.
The singer is breaking her silence on her father's infamous confrontation with Chris Rock at the awards show.
The "Whip My Hair" singer said she had to "forgive" her mother for not being empathetic to her struggles until a recent discussion.
Fortunately for Bullock, the 2014 break-in happened to take place the night her son was staying with his nanny.
The racial abuse Smith witnessed when mom Jada Pinkett Smith brought her on tour with her band, Wicked Wisdom, made the singer scared to pursue rock.
She honored her mom's former group, Wicked Wisdom, in the sweetest way.
Appearing on "Red Table Talk," the 20-year-old explained that having more than one intimate partner at a time doesn't mean she has more sex.
The "Whip My Hair" singer also spoke of the shame, sadness and confusion she sometimes feels when she's upset.
Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith confirmed earlier this year that they briefly separated a few years ago.
The controversial YouTube star recently apologized for his past racist and offensive videos.