Women In Media

For the first time, women will run all three network morning shows.
The theme for the summit is "Building Bridges" and will include these trailblazing women: If you can't join the D.C. summit
Living legend Minnie Driver stopped by BUILD Series today to talk about her role as Maya DiMeo in the new ABC show, Speechless.
What inspired you to write M.I.L.P.? Not really! I wish they would- I could start a collection! Someone told me Amy Poehler
There was a time when politics was impolite conversation for the dinner table and was never polite for anyone but men. Glass
Nice to see you again, casual misogyny.
From the moment that I stepped into the dark elegant theatre at Lincoln Center, I felt a sense of belonging. The speakers spoke "to" me, not "at" me. The topics on the agenda were things I care about deeply -- human rights, environmental conservation, freedom of self-expression, female entrepreneurship and so on.
If I'm certain of one thing, it is that no man would be forced into my shoes -- not because they are six inch heels, but because we live in a world of double standards, female imposter bias and misogynistic media who perceive women as career-breaking targets.
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"We’re tired of being called victims. Instead we are fighters," one participant said.
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Looking beyond gender inequity in literary media makes for a disturbing view.
My observation is that there has been a slight but positive shift in how women are portrayed in media. I see powerful women anchors on respected television news shows and some of the morning network news programs.
My grandmother is my role model. She worked diligently to provide information access in Asia to those around her who needed it. It was her efforts to help inform everyday citizens of the possibilities that existed outside of their towns that really inspired me.
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