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The law required doctors to tell patients they could reverse their "medicated abortion" if they acted quickly and underwent what a judge called "unproven medical treatment."
Childbirth was going as expected until suddenly I felt an explosion in my stomach.
These symptoms may seem trivial, but doctors say they're worth your attention.
Plus: Research to help transgender athletes take the field.
Brazil's government doesn't want to talk about "obstetric violence," but that won't end mistreatment of pregnant women.
The shame was bad enough without all the physical discomfort that went along with having a vulva with lips large enough that they rubbed against my thighs.
The Alabama Women’s Center is one of three remaining abortion providers in the state — and the sole provider within 150 miles
Anti-abortion lawmakers claim it's risky, health-wise. But a new study finds more evidence that's not the case.
Yes, anti-abortion legislation impacts women, nonbinary people and trans men first and foremost. But safe and legal abortion care can also change the course of cis men’s lives.
“Desperate Housewives” actor Marcia Cross is looking to end the stigma around anal cancer and raise awareness about the disease.
The court also refused to hear a question regarding the state's attempt to ban abortions based on a fetus' race, disability or gender.
I still have no regrets about revealing I was pregnant earlier than many other women do. Here's why.
With a signature from Gov. Mike Parson, the state joins several others that have passed increasingly harsh anti-abortion legislation in recent weeks.
I wish I’d know that feeling extremely energized and motivated when my daughter was only days old wasn’t a sign of superhuman strength, but a serious medical concern.
He urged Republicans to “stick together” on the abortion issue, distancing himself from Alabama's sweeping ban on the procedure.
Bills restricting abortion access in Alabama, Georgia and other states are "barbaric" and "inhumane," progressive faith leaders say.
A Supreme Court ruling was supposed to help, but a new report shows that employers are getting away with discrimination.