Women's Health

Under pressure by anti-abortion activists ― including a board of health member ― the state health department became a weapon in the war against abortion.
"No 10-year-old girl is ready to become an adult overnight."
As if there wasn't enough to worry about with coronavirus, it can also cause a change or skip in your menstrual cycle.
The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the fiction that most abortions need to be performed in a clinic setting.
By exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to eliminate abortion access, state officials are creating another public health crisis.
One woman details the long, expensive, anxiety-inducing road trip she had to take after Texas shut down abortions.
Three people living with the dry skin condition share how it makes them feel and what treatments work for them.
"I couldn’t shake the feeling that the way I was treated, in a top-ranked hospital, still wasn’t right. ... It was the delivery itself that felt truly traumatizing."
It's time to have a conversation about what women go through physically when they lose a pregnancy.
"I fear I lost my sister to this idea that women’s lives are incomplete until they’ve been through childbirth."