Women's History Month

The Sex Workers’ Pop-Up in New York City showcases art by activists who are demanding the decriminalization and destigmatization of the sex work industry.
The first daughter failed to address Donald Trump's education budget cuts, his battle against reproductive rights and his boast about assault, Twitter users said.
“I think it’s so important for our stories to be told the way we want them to, with our voice, in our voice,” the multitalented rapper told HuffPost.
“You deserve to be able to walk down the street and get something healthy and not have to search for it.”
“When wellness is constantly marketed as a white woman who is eating really exclusive food, people don't see themselves represented in that,” said Lopez.
“Once equality is the norm for all women, trans or cis, the women’s movement will be perfect,” says Jazz Jennings.
“Vulnerability is scary. I associate bravery with vulnerability because it takes bravery to be vulnerable,” the Brooklyn wellness expert says.
“When you do have symbols of representation that are readily available to you, it becomes real. It becomes possible. It becomes something you can envision yourself as.”
It’s safe to say Reese Witherspoon knows a thing or two about strong female characters. Over the past two decades, the actress
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Meet 11 black women who are encouraging others to see the beauty in themselves.