Women's Rights

The law required doctors to tell patients they could reverse their "medicated abortion" if they acted quickly and underwent what a judge called "unproven medical treatment."
“It was beyond my wildest imagination that I would one day become the Notorious RBG," she told an audience at the University at Buffalo.
"It’s quite simple from our perspective," her teammate Christen Press said during a Thursday interview on "Good Morning America."
The state's abortion law, set to take effect Aug. 28, makes it illegal for women to have an abortion eight weeks into a pregnancy.
"The last time that people thought Roe was in this kind of jeopardy was the early 1990s."
“This legislation is about equality and dignity,” Gov. Chris Sununu (R) said after signing the bill into law.
“After careful reflection I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest," the rapper said.
When fetuses are given the same legal rights as people, pregnant women pay the price.
As a wave of anti-abortion bills sweeps the country, Rhode Island wrote abortion protections into law.
A new state requirement of two pelvic exams before an abortion is "medically unnecessary" and "invasive," doctors say.
"My first day at the center was a trial by fire ... every bone in my body begged me to get up and leave."
The Democratic congresswoman said she had to make a "heartbreaking decision" in an op-ed for The New York Times.
Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson share their opinion on Alabama’s strict new abortion law that outlaws the procedure for in nearly all cases.
Black people "know more than anybody that being able to control our bodies is essential to our liberation,” said Yamani Hernandez.
Abortion clinics and their staff are on high alert as the anti-choice movement steps into high gear.
"The Power" director Reed Morano, who won an Emmy for her work on "The Handmaid's Tale," canceled her trip to Savannah, according to Time.
I just became a statistic of violence against escorts, staff and physicians at abortion clinics nationwide.
“Men, it’s on us to listen, to speak out, and to take action," the New Jersey senator and presidential hopeful wrote in an open letter in GQ.
The bill will head to the desk of Gov. Mike Parson (R), who is expected to sign it.