Working Mothers

People may not expect you to return to work. And they won’t think anything of saying so.
The press secretary says she's proof, but really, she's an exception.
More than 41 million private-sector workers in the U.S. cannot earn a single paid sick day.
HuffPost Parents hosted a live panel discussion on mom-shaming, in partnership with Beech-Nut.
It's great that you're aware of how lucky your position is, but I agree that you are likely struggling with guilt in part
Today you turn 14 weeks old, and mommy is going back to work.
Sure, it may be hard for someone to assume you have a "real job" when you are at a park at 10am on a Tuesday. But I (and
After Tuesday November 8's election results, traveling to New Zealand became even more enticing to me. Their political history
What happens when a group of high profile moms, actresses, directors, producers and Public Relations experts get together
A nanny is a luxury and just like with any luxury item, it's not a necessity and not something everyone can afford -- even if you want one really, really badly.
If the new Congress and a new administration want to get off on the right foot with hard-working families, they must commit to policies designed and proven to improve outcomes for young children. This National Work and Family Month, let's hold our candidates to a real commitment to hard-working families by demanding meaningful policy adoption and implementation. It's time to move from rhetoric to reality.
It's hard to overstate the problem. When a woman who was denied abortion coverage cannot keep her job because her employer
Fall is in full swing and for many mompreneurs -- the season brings joy, sadness, chaotic calendar days and the return of structured time as our children have returned to school.
Working in a mother-daughter owned business can be riddled with lots of challenges. So we make sure to lovingly guard our precious personal relationship with regularly and much needed pleasure trips together.
Yesterday I left the house without my bathing suit. Which may not have been a big deal, had I not been going to spend a holiday weekend beach day with my entire family. Why did this happen, you wonder?
1. Avoid morning craziness by prepping the night before. Planning ahead at least nightly, makes everything run smoother. 2
How can working women help each other get through the first few weeks if not months of all the transitions they and their kids go through?
Mothers with one or more children often face a life change when their youngest heads off to kindergarten for a full day. They feel restless unless they are a working mother because their daily routines suddenly change. They are open to new opportunities but aren't sure how to focus their energies. It seems to be helpful to know you are not alone with this new development and have many options.