In 1919, following the first World War, the victorious Allied Powers met in Paris to remake the world. The prime ministers
Thinking forward from past to present, I see how the Balfour declarations advanced Jewish nationalism, meaning Zionism. Nevertheless
Zionists have long viewed this document as a “promissory note” giving a Great Power “seal of approval” to their quest to establish a state in Palestine.
The left has too often allowed our critique of Israel to obscure the demands of our better angels.
I am tired of people pitting my identities against one another.
In a recent op-ed in the New York Times, author Emily Shire asked, in relation to the International Women’s Day Strike that
This came to mind as we learned about a "DeCal" student-led course being offered at the University of California, Berkeley
The question "Are you Zionist?" only creates obfuscation. And yet Israel's political right and the U.S. Jewish establishment keep using this question as the shibboleth determining whether you are "pro-Israel" or "anti-Israel" - another distinction as useless as "pro-U.S." or "anti-U.S."
Bir Haddaj, a large well at the centre of Tayma that dates back to at least to the middle of the 6th century BCE. The well