The picture of Anna Ruch and the New York governor is remarkable — not for its aesthetic quality, but for the familiar moment that it captures.
"telling the song to 'shut up' right before you skip it >>>"
Power alone does not explain the abuses of famous men.
More than 30 women say they were subject to non-consensual invasive medical procedures.
British tax experts say the move will save the average woman nearly $55 over her lifetime.
The Washington Football Team promoted King to assistant running backs coach Tuesday, making her the second woman in league history to be an assistant position coach.
After her husband's death, she helped develop the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.
Thanks to Pope Francis, Sister Nathalie Becquart can likely vote at the next synod of bishops in 2022.
The lawmaker spoke unflinchingly about how the trauma of her past sexual assault "compounded" with her experience at the Capitol. Why are some men so mad?
"My dad say that the LOTR trilogy is a Christmas movie 'because it has elves.'"