Doug Binzak

'Practicing Peace' (, Office Yoga Constultant Guy, Interfaith Seminary Student

Doug Binzak, aka "db" is a devoted husband and continually-amazed father of two boys: One 20 years old, the other 20 months old.

db recently started working full time as a Spiritual Counselor for Hospice Partners of Southern California, a non-profit end of life care organization based in Los Angeles. In March, 2013, he will become and Ordained Interfaith Minister after having completed a multi-year training in Inter-Faith Healing Ministries through The Chaplaincy Institute of Berkely, CA.

He believes that not talking about death is killing us, and is adding his voice to those who council diving into the mysteries of death so we can more fully experience the miracle of life.

In his former life as a television executive, db became very familiar with the physical aches and mental anxiety that come with long days at the office. As one-of-the-guys in a weekly basketball game, he also became familiar with how often we use intense physical activity to work out some of that stress. And he is familiar with the trauma our bodies can suffer as a result, having had laser knee surgery to correct complication from those office job/basketball playing days.

db is also familiar with how amazingly the body responds and rebounds when we learn how to truly connect with it. Having discovered ways that yoga and other spiritual techniques can serve as a "medicinal anti-dote" to the toll of his own daily life, he now happily shares with others what has been passed down to him through his "Practicing Peace" website posts (found at, volunteer work, weekly yoga classes, private lessons, and stream-able "Healing Yoga" short video series.

db was known as "djb" when growing up in Menomonee Falls, Wisc. He went to college in Princeton, N.J., and now lives in Santa Monica, Calif. He also loves to travel (and has a special connection to Maui, Hawaii), hiking and all times in nature, experimenting as a cook, cheering for his Green Bay Packers and, most of all, sharing this wild ride of Life with his wonderful wife Michelle and his beloved sons Harry and Quin.

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