Black Voices

“He didn’t give me the opportunity to even speak,” Philonise Floyd said.
“Colin Kaepernick asked the NFL to care about the lives of black people and they banned him from their platform," one sports writer tweeted.
Protesters across the country were met with an increasingly heavy-handed police response, and at least 25 cities imposed curfews.
The president's tweet about White House protesters evoked images of segregationist violence, Mayor Muriel Bowser said.
He threatened protesters, saying that "mob violence" would be stopped "cold."
Instead of helping cities change police practices, the Justice Department is threatening to turn federal resources on protesters.
An angry group shouted obscenities at the conservative network and threw a microphone at reporter Leland Vittert.
The city's transit union voiced its support after a viral video showed a bus driver apparently defying police orders to drive a group of people under arrest.
Tyler Merritt acknowledges his new clip is hard to swallow.
"I’m tired of seeing Black men die," declared the Run the Jewels rapper, who called for calm and also slammed Donald Trump as a "dumbass."