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But "it’s not a game, it’s our democracy," the former president warned.
The former president told Stephen Colbert he would "call Biden" to remedy his "screw-up."
The idea of a universal basic income is going mainstream as the coronavirus pandemic collapses economies and wipes away millions of jobs.
Robert Paul Keegan has been charged with murder for allegedly killing Aidan Ellison in a hotel parking lot.
The director of the successful HBO limited series discusses the ending that left theorists befuddled.
"I can't believe it got physical," the "Orange Is the New Black" actor said on Instagram soon after the incident took place.
Three founders of beauty and fashion brands explain the short-term and more lasting impact of the Black Lives Matter movement.
The president-elect said he plans to nominate Janet Yellen to head the Treasury Department in an historic first.
“Of all Donald Trump’s scandals, supporting white supremacists should have been the easiest to avoid."
“It is our duty to demand the liberties and freedoms that our country was founded on extend to everyone,” the team says.