Black Voices

Gina Prince-Bythewood directs the upcoming historical epic about an all-female army of African warriors.
Former Cleveland officer Timothy Loehmann was named the lone cop in a borough of roughly 700 people.
The rapper has faced a number of lawsuits following the Astroworld Festival where 10 people died and thousands were injured.
Police reform advocates say the case shows why cops should stop pulling people over for minor infractions.
"Sending friends tweets I think they might like is the same thing as those crows that leave little gifts of bottle caps and string"
Thirteen years after “Shark in the Water,” the British songstress talks about the song’s success, her connection to “Degrassi” and what’s next for her career.
A new A&E docuseries examines uncompromising Black comics throughout history, and compels us to consider how they and others like them fit into today's culture.
They posted other "overtly racist, sexist and ableist" comments on WhatsApp that mocked some of the same people they were protecting, a tribunal ruled.
Kelly’s attorneys claimed that the 55-year-old Kelly was placed on suicide watch last week as a form of punishment after a judge sentenced him to 30 years behind bars.