Black Voices

A former Chicago city attorney who tried to block video of the police shooting will co-host the event.
The Latina actor has frequently found herself in hot water for statements she's made about the Black community.
Day is at least the third pro fighter to die from head injuries this year.
The veteran Democrat, who died Thursday at 68, recited a poem he said he lived by during his first-ever address in the chamber.
The veteran Democratic representative chaired the powerful House Oversight Committee investigating President Donald Trump's impeachment.
"Rest In Power" trended on Twitter in honor of the veteran Democratic representative, who died Thursday.
Robert Emmons Jr. is running for Congress in Illinois, challenging stereotypes about shootings in his hometown and seeking to unseat Democrat Bobby Rush.
The rapper seemingly confirmed that the two hitmakers were working on an "epic" new song.
"The Daily Show" host endorsed a suggestion from Sen. Amy Klobuchar -- and then took it a step further.
“Of all the things, why that?” Harris was asked.
When nowhere is safe, how can Black people survive?
He was the first candidate at this week's Democratic debate to bring up Atatiana Jefferson, a Black woman killed in her own home by a white police officer.
After she was called out for singing along to a slur, many people found the actor's initial response lacking.
As a co-writer of the wildly controversial song, Williams said he's now "embarrassed" that he was a part of it.
The New York governor said the phrase "n****r w*ps" on the air, citing a New York Times article.
The search is over for an actor to play Selena Kyle/Catwoman opposite Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight in the reboot.
On the second anniversary since the Me Too movement went viral, the founder reminds us to center survivors, not perpetrators.
The world champion and Olympic champion gymnast just got real about "the facts."
The British actor had not been a popular choice, especially considering past comments about American Blacks.