Black Voices

"This changes everything, this changes everything!" Noah, host of "The Daily Show," mockingly responded to the podcaster's comments on race.
The long-time couple announced their breakup in a joint statement less than two weeks ago.
The Equal Rights Amendment, which ensures women have equal protections under the law, should become the 28th Amendment of the Constitution this week.
While President Joe Biden rescinded the notorious Trump-era immigration policy on his first day in office last year, many families have not yet been reunited.
Former officer Jonathan Moreno was accused of using excessive force against a Black man during a traffic stop last year.
"Weaponized incompetence" — or "strategic incompetence" — is wearing women out, especially during the pandemic.
Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer and Ayanna Pressley led over 80 lawmakers in calling for the president to eliminate student loan debt for millions of Americans.
Emilie Kouatchou, who first played the role last year, steps in as its leading lady in conjunction with the musical's 34th anniversary this week.
Judges Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger and Michelle Childs have been floated as potential replacements for retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.
Some people online condemned the "Have Mercy" singer for performing the song with too much sex appeal.
"Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul" and "We Need to Talk about Cosby" both confront flawed heroism.
Andy Cohen had called the reality star's posts "upsetting" and "disgusting."
A federal jury in Atlanta has awarded $1.25 million to Cardi B in a defamation lawsuit against a celebrity news blogger.
Noth was dropped from CBS's "The Equalizer" after multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against him.
The nation missed out on Chris Redd's Stephen A. Smith pontificating on Tom Brady — and that's just wrong.
Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut, are proceeding with a criminal investigation into the 23-year-old Black woman's mysterious death during a date.
The "Harlem" actor noted that despite their split, she still has "gratitude" for the years she'd been in a relationship with Franklin.
The "View" co-host said the "Real Time" comedian's gags were "not really funny to people who have lost their kids" to the coronavirus.
Give your itchy scalp some soothing relief this winter with these recommendations from dermatologist Elyse Love.
The actor was allegedly found asleep at the wheel in Georgia earlier this month.