Black Voices

The American sprint star didn't get a chance to compete in Tokyo but she had her say about the race.
The rapper didn't appreciate the hip-hop legend calling out his recent homophobic and sexist remarks, but didn't have the comeback he thought he did.
The actor/singer portrays the late Queen of Soul in the film that is set to hit theaters in August.
Jamaicans completed a sweep and the lone American, Teahna Daniels, finished seventh at the Tokyo Olympics.
Raven Saunders is wearing one attention-grabbing garment in Tokyo.
Right-wing Ohio Senate candidate lashed Kamala Harris, AOC, Pete Buttigieg as "childless cat ladies" who aren't pumping out ... wage slaves?
A stunning victory by Sunisa Lee of Team USA, a new world record by Tatjana Schoenmaker of South Africa and intense rugby matches round out the first week of competition.
"One study shows that 63% of Black people don’t 'believe in' mental illness, dismissing it as a weakness or something on which white people spend their time and money."
The disco-sounding single arrived months after the duo released their first hit, "Leave the Door Open."
The country singer said of a Nashville office complex she purchased, "This is the house that Whitney built."