Black Voices

The GOP candidate for Georgia governor said Abrams should “go back to where she came from," while campaigning ahead of Tuesday’s primary.
The reasons Isaiah Lee gave in a jailhouse interview were a lot different than what Chappelle said Lee told him immediately after the onstage assault.
The New York Yankees slugger was suspended for one game after he made multiple references to Jackie Robinson while talking to the White Sox star during the weekend.
“White supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” said Greene, who instead urged panic over the border "invasion."
The company issued an apology after widespread backlash across social media.
The 21-year-old internet star talked about being mentioned by Adele, growing up Black and queer in the South, and creating community online.
TikTok can't stop talking about Hot Girl Walks. Here's how to get the most out of your mental health-minded strolls.
The Golden State Warriors forward humiliated the Dallas Mavericks star in a signature moment of the NBA's Western Conference finals.
Fans will be able to step into a virtual world and experience the cultural roots of the Brooklyn rapper.
"A hard rock sat in my stomach and I felt shame. ... If you want to make money, you must not appear too Black."