Black Voices

A lack of data and options is trapping people in flood-prone homes and driving inequality.
A whole new audience is debating the legacy of America's overlooked Founding Father.
Benj Pasek's digital seder raised over $3.5 million for the CDC Foundation and charmed millions with its theatrical and technical flair. Now, it could earn him EGOT status.
A 27-year-old man was taken into custody for the early morning incident that left a second person hospitalized.
The 23-time grand slam champion, who hopes to play at the U.S. Open next month, and the 2-year-old made a perfect pair in all-purple ensembles.
Black Muslims are often overlooked in conversations about Islam, and Afro-Arabs are rendered invisible in the discourse of Arab politics and culture.
“Says the guy on the most toxic network ever,” one person on Twitter replied.
Cellphone video captured the confrontation in a restaurant parking lot in Orion Township, about 40 miles northwest of Detroit.
Lady Colin Campbell, who once insisted that Jeffrey Epstein wasn't a pedophile, is again attacking the royal couple.
The guardsman posted a photo of himself standing in front of a military vehicle inscribed with one of the neo-fascist group's slogans during a protest.