Black Voices

The pop star claimed she felt "deeply hurt" by Costello's behavior at a 2014 fashion show. The designer apologized, but had a different take on the situation.
The 49-year-old shared a poem the rapper apparently wrote while incarcerated at Rikers Island titled "Lost Soulz."
"They won’t even let you order room service," the talk show host told "Late Night" comedian Seth Meyers.
"Are we going to get a press conference every time Marjorie Taylor Greene learns about something?" cracked "The Daily Show" host.
The day off for federal workers honors the end of slavery in the United States.
And the Divine Miss M couldn't be more thrilled by the casting choice.
It’s not just because she’s the G.O.A.T. — the Greatest (Gymnast) Of All Time.
A reading list for Pride month and beyond.
"The idea is to whitewash American history of any legacy of racism," said state Democratic Rep. James Talarico.
Kravitz's directorial debut will star Tatum as a billionaire tech mogul who brings a young woman to the titular island.