Black Voices

And it's a very different nation this time around, Maggie Haberman insisted.
The president "can't say whether he supports flying a flag associated with treason and supporters of slavery," reporter Yamiche Alcindor noted.
Authorities made no accusations whatsoever about a hoax. That didn't stop Trump from asking Wallace to apologize.
The Trump supporters attacked the mural soon after community members finished painting it outside the Contra Costa county courthouse.
Machine politics and progressive power are on the ballot in the Garden State.
In her new book, "The End of White Politics," Zerlina Maxwell explores how progressives have often centered whiteness -- and why that must end in 2020.
The statue was ripped from its base on the 168th anniversary of one of Douglass' most famous speeches condemning slavery.
The mayor of Phoenix said it feels like the federal government is "declaring victory while we're still in crisis mode."
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also discussed Britain owning up to its colonial past.
A lack of data and options is trapping people in flood-prone homes and driving inequality.