Black Voices

Black, Asian American and Hispanic lawmakers are pressuring Biden for more diversity in top administration posts as the president-elect's team rolls out selections.
"The grift is on, baby," warned Michael Steele.
A new report from media research giant Nielsen compares the on-screen representation of TV shows to the demographics of viewers.
Continue supporting Black-owned businesses while checking off a few to-do's from your holiday shopping list.
The late actor will be recognized at the annual New York ceremony, which typically kicks off the awards season.
Former President Barack Obama criticized demands to “defund the police,” a phrase that was popularized during months of protests against police brutality.
Civil rights activists point to Mason's incarceration for casting an ineligible ballot as evidence of racist voter suppression.
"Who knew ‘Little’ would be historic?" the 16-year-old actor tweeted about her 2019 comedic film.
Johnson medaled in the 1960 Olympics and helped subdue Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin in 1968.