Black Voices

The "Coming 2 America" stars recalled being ordered to pick from a list of white men for the 1988 original.
In an apology, Greg McDermott said his comment "is not indicative of who I am as a person or as a coach."
"The Daily Show" host joked a compromise could be struck — involving the Fox News personality.
The former first lady said her mood during Inauguration Day was anxious at first, but the event ultimately made her hopeful for America's future.
The legendary comedian memorably won "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2012.
The TV writer says she was dropped from the new CW show after pushing back on racist and sexist storylines and tropes.
There’s a desperately needed $39 billion bailout for child care providers in the bill, a sign that lawmakers finally understand the importance caregiving.
The yogi and filmmaker talks about her new film, "(In)Visible Portraits," and why telling Black women’s stories is more important than ever.
"We know that again and again these laws are designed for one specific purpose and that is to discourage or prevent people from voting," she said.
The report from a body that normally investigates Russia, Myanmar and Afghanistan condemned disproportionate cancer rates in the badly polluted petrochemical corridor.