Black Voices

The Fox News host was all over the place in her hot take on the racist massacre that killed 10 in a New York state supermarket.
The pop star performed in Buffalo, New York, just hours after the massacre and led his audience in a moment of silence.
The influencer was bashed online for sharing the intense fitness regimen she adopted after “none” of her “clothes fit.”
Near the site of the supermarket shooting that claimed 10 lives, the president said that “evil cannot win” and denounced white supremacy.
Payton Gendron was "going to get in his car ... and continue doing the same thing," Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said.
The plastic surgery popularized by hourglass-figure celebrities and influencers is as trendy as ever. For some patients, getting a BBL isn't about keeping up with the latest trend. But, as others realized after their procedures, shelling out for a curvier silhouette can be complicated.
The suspected shooter expressed repeated fears online that whites are being replaced by people of color, The New York Times reported.
The third-ranking House Republican's hometown newspaper denounced her "hateful rhetoric" months before the racist mass shooting in Buffalo, New York.
Brands like Band-Aid and Tru-Colour make bandages that come in shades of brown.
"I am a Black, gay, immigrant woman,” Jean-Pierre said at the press briefing. "The first of all three of those to hold this position."