Black Voices

Five months in, the president has quietly hit a milestone in filling lifetime seats on federal courts.
People are already imagining seeing the "Love Jones" actor courtside at games.
Floyd's brother attended the unveiling on Juneteenth. The vandalism might be the second time Patriot Front fascists have defaced Floyd's image this month.
Republicans are pushing laws to prevent teaching about systemic racism and white privilege in schools. Teachers say they just want to teach the truth.
Afghans who worked with Americans have said they fear for their lives after President Biden announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops by September.
The move will provide relief to tenants who have struggled to pay their rent during the coronavirus pandemic.
The singer welcomed her son Julez in 2004.
Gaetz responded to the nation’s highest-ranking military officer by dismissively shaking his head.
Ethnic minorities account for about 13% of the U.K. population but only 8.5% of the Royal Household staff.
The Rhode Island Democrat said he's been assured the club has nonwhite club members and that its improving diversity remains a priority.