Black Voices

"Note: This list is not definitive," warns "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah."
Activist Ría Thompson-Washington is training people to de-escalate tensions at polling sites so that voting in 2020 can be simple and safe.
New USPS numbers show slowdowns in cities like Detroit, where turnout is crucial for Joe Biden.
The rapper, who appeared on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011, offered a swift rebuke of the president on Twitter this week.
“Get Out” provided a new template for horror, but now the genre seems poised to go beyond the usual metaphors around race.
"Let the trolls troll," the filmmaker tweeted in support of the teen actor after she saw Twitter users criticizing the new Netflix series about the activist.
California has banned the diversity policy at its public institutions for the last 24 years, but voters could change that next week.
The hosts talk with one of the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement about the 2020 election.
Florida voters can show the appeal of $15 an hour outside liberal strongholds by approving a constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot.
Amber Ruffin has been transformed into a bogus FLOTUS.