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Pratt also shares a 7-year-old son with ex-wife Anna Faris.
Educators around the country face a range of emotions and situations — none of which their training has prepared them for.
What travelers should know about the risks of hotels and home rentals amid the coronavirus pandemic.
We have an exclusive HuffPost coupon code for 20% off these leggings, which are from a fan favorite brand.
The “Old Guard” star celebrated her 45th birthday alongside her daughters Jackson and August.
For every brew and budget, we found some of the best home espresso machines of 2020 that are under $300.
"People who say 'enjoy every moment' have never sat next to my kids eating chips."
"I wasn’t myself,” the "Saturday Night Live" alum told InStyle of the extremely tough three-year period.
These neck masks are basically just lightweight face masks that don’t fall off.
We turned to the experts to find out which athletic and sports face masks they recommend for running and outdoor summer workouts.
You can feel good about spending your money with these brands that are giving back to coronavirus relief efforts, health care workers and the Black Lives Matter Movement.
Bob Sportal sold the vintage truck to the original owner's grandson for a whopping $75.
Will we still have to wear masks? Can we go to events? Here's what to expect long term from the coronavirus pandemic.
Experts weigh in on the safety of recreational boat outings in the age of COVID-19.
Alice Weiss-Russell is suing the organization for failing to protect her from her alleged attacker back in the mid-1980s.
These UV sanitizer wands, boxes and pouches are a high-tech way to fight coronavirus.
"I can’t believe this happened," Graham remembered saying when she developed stretch marks during pregnancy.
You won't get in a jam with these cheap all-in-one home printers.
"Flex on your kids by calling your new dinner recipe 'Ew, Disgusting' before they do."
Read this to figure out if your physician has some sketchy beliefs not supported by science. Illness is caused by demon sex, for example.

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