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At the request of the FDA, the vaccine makers are expanding their trials with young children, seeking to better detect very rare heart issues.
Rayssa Leal, who earned internet gold in 2015 when filmed shredding in fairy wings and a dress at 7, is now one of the youngest athletes to earn an Olympic medal.
The Oscar winner will star alongside Leslie Odom Jr. in a three-film "continuation" of 1973's head-spinning classic. The first movie is due out in 2023.
On Instagram, Ryan Dorsey described 5-year-old Josey as "an intuitive soul," adding, "He misses you but knows he’ll see you again."
Steal these self-care methods that mental health pros use when they're drained or unmotivated.
Though it's rare for humans to contract the disease, health officials warn that it can turn serious if not immediately treated.
News about the delta and lambda variants and rising coronavirus cases can be unnerving. Here's how to cope.
"'This could’ve been an email' — me at my daughter’s recital."
“A bird flew on my face! A bird flew on my face! Oh my God!”
These items will help you both mix up your routine and something delicious.
Breakthrough coronavirus cases are disappointing ― but most of them are also evidence that the shots are working.
It would be a big spending item in the budget, but that's because it could have a big effect on working parents and their children.
The Bronx rapper publicly revealed she was expecting her second child with husband Offset during a performance at the 2021 BET Awards in June.
Spain’s synchronized swimming team captain spoke out against rules that have made it impossible for her to take her baby to the Tokyo Games.
Stop pushing buttons and start turning the crank. Your tastebuds, the planet and your friends will thank you.
Read this if you plan on spending any time outdoors. Your body will thank you.
“You edit together these images to look like I’m happily waving, but that is deceitful,” the “Gossip Girl” alum commented on the since-deleted post.
"STOP YELLING screamed the parent."
“Different families will deal with a pregnancy loss in their own ways, but they deserve the opportunity to deal with it,” said Sen. Tammy Duckworth, a co-lead on the Support Through Loss Act.