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The tech is so easy to use for sharing photos, including inappropriate ones.
Because despite years of sleep deprivation, I still remember the early days of motherhood with alarming clarity.
Raising a financially literate child doesn't have to be difficult.
Using cutesy language can do more harm than good.
It's hard to argue with any of this.
The curriculum is different for children of color, especially future black men like my son.
Hate speech is everywhere, but there are practical ways to help manage it.
From time limits to reward policies, families take many different approaches.
Empathy is a skill parents can cultivate.
These issues can be scary for children. Here's some advice to guide parents' conversations.
The first step: Start early.
Pro tip: Remove the word "should" from your vocabulary.
From race to religion to abilities and more.
The whats and whens of talking to your daughters and sons about menstruation.
The comedian has two daughters with her husband, Justin Hakuta.
"Gave our three-year-old an ice cream cone and now everything within a square mile is sticky."
The talk show host has a son and daughter.
"My kid just referred to the newspaper as 'the floppy iPad.'"
The actress has three kids -- Violet, Seraphina and Samuel -- with her ex-husband, Ben Affleck.
No candy hearts and chocolate boxes here.
For high schoolers and college students, this can be a great idea.
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The Tony-winning actress is a pro at capturing life with a toddler.
“Sure kids cost roughly $14,000 annually, but think about all the money you save from no longer having a social life.”
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