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The singer's gripe about isolating in Montana with wife Jessica Biel and their 5-year-old son did not sit well on social media.
Experts share if it's safe to bring someone new into your home after you've self-isolated for 14 days and have no coronavirus symptoms.
"It’s all fun and games creating children who act just like you until you’re isolated in a house with them 24/7."
Here's how to let go of fear around the coronavirus "Quarantine 15" and feel good in your body instead.
There are far fewer sexual assault evidence examinations during the coronavirus outbreak, experts say, thanks to a strained health system and fears of infection.
In March, for the first time, the majority of RAINN’s sexual abuse hotline users were minors.
Doctors talk about reducing coronavirus health risks when you feel like you just have to see loved ones.
"You can’t take that kind of risk with the leaders of the country," the White House coronavirus task force's response coordinator said.
Sales of face masks for infants are booming during the coronavirus pandemic, but they're not effective — and could be unsafe.
Experts share advice for mourning a loved one in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.
Oprah calls her latest book club pick a "medical detective story."
"Homeschooling day 7: The PE teacher is not wearing a bra."
Experiencing insomnia during the pandemic? Stress dreams? This expert advice is for you.
Some school districts have tried to reach out since closing, but thousands of families have not responded, leaving leaders to wonder if they’re hungry or safe.
The Carrollton Police Department in Texas wants to charge 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga with "terroristic threat."
Use 'happy' or 'sad' face flashcards, play a ball game – or even get them writing a poem.
Our editors shared what's keeping them calm, productive and entertained while they practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.
“I’m sorry, it made me cry," said the CNN anchor.
Level up screen time by learning yoga, math, jewelry making or cooking.
"At least we don’t have to go to our kids’ field day this year."

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