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The onslaught of bad news — from the abortion rights ruling to mass shootings to COVID — can lead to a unique type of burnout.
The state attorney general’s office stated that gender confirmation treatments are not “deeply rooted in our history or traditions,” and therefore should be banned.
R. Kelly's sentencing may cause sexual abuse survivors to reflect on the punishment their abuser received ― or didn't receive.
The "Home Improvement" actor said the new film has "no relationship" to the character he voiced in the "Toy Story" franchise.
The abortion restriction was set to begin Friday.
“‘Would you rather have been aborted?’ This is the question some people ask me.”
"Always so humbling when the stupid little walk I go on for my stupid mental health actually makes me feel better."
No more unearthing a package of blueberries that could pass as a school science experiment.
Portable pools and inflatable hot tubs to turn your yard into the coolest swim club around.
The upcoming long weekend is a great time to score deals on mattresses, home goods, beauty, summer fashion and more.
"Nothing good is going to come from them staying under my roof no matter what hardships await them outside my door."
If you've only got a few minutes — or if you simply don't feel like moving your body for long — this hack is for you.
Abortion is set to become illegal in at least 22 states now that Roe v. Wade has fallen — and people seeking care will have to go somewhere.