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From time limits to reward policies, families take many different approaches.
The first step: Start early.
Empathy is a skill parents can cultivate.
The Duke of Sussex could barely hold it together during the emotional moment.
The couple have two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.
The actor and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, have a son, Oscar, and daughter, Ava.
"Have kids so you always have someone to point out how long your nose hairs are while standing in checkout lines."
The celebrity couple opened up about raising kids in the age of wine memes and "mommy juice."
It’s so hard to wrap my head around the fact that I could be old enough to care for both my children and my parents. But here I am.
When your adult child is a recovering addict, that sense of dread stays front and center — and I’m not sure it ever really goes away.
A recent altercation I had with a flight attendant exemplified just how little most people understand about neurological diversity.
“I just keep telling my girlfriend how funny he was, how kind, how interesting, but in the end, they feel like nothing more than empty words."
Every August, in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, my social media feed is flooded with breastfeeding praise and celebrations.
Every time I start to feel like no one could possibly understand, I am reminded in one way or another that I am not alone.
I had to take a hard look at how a child of mine could have uttered those words in the first place.
The weirder Dad got, the more obsessed I became with being normal.
It starts with teaching them to celebrate diversity.
It's a good idea to set parental control to curate audio books and apps, set daily time limits.
The actor has opened up about raising his three daughters and one son.
Here are tips and fun activities to re-establish limits on media for your kids.
We asked readers to share their favorite pictures of their grandparents and parents.
What if now that my kids are grown and living their own lives and I’m over 50, my mission is accomplished and I’m just retired?

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