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“I was crying, not because I was hurt. I was crying because I was angry. I just thought it was unfair,” the student-athlete told HuffPost.
Gretchen Goldman is every working parent trying to juggle a job and kids amid a COVID-19 world.
"The fate of our rights, our freedoms, our health care, our bodies, our lives, and our country depend on what happens over the coming months.”
"She was rare, like an item of kid's clothing in the hamper that's not inside out.’"
"Introverts be like: How rude of you not to invite me to something I didn't want to go."
“No fires and no one shot in the d**k," the model tweeted about her casual announcement.
Many young queer people say they've used the app to swap anecdotes and advice, and now fear for their mental health and well-being.
The "Westworld" actor has two sons and a daughter.
"I mean, I can get over it, but I just want an apology from her," the 12-time Olympic medalist said.
The self-care rituals you practice in the morning can improve your mental health for the rest of the day.
How do parties compare to gyms? How does going to the doctor compare to a restaurant? This chart from the UK breaks it all down.
The actor says her daughters, ages 7 and 5, do it to feel close to their father, Dax Shepard.
For all your bright ideas, these cheap desk lamps are all under $100.
Prints, paintings and other artwork from modern Latinx artists on Etsy, Society6 and Saatchi Art.
The program aims to improve pregnancy outcomes for Black and brown expectant parents, who face disproportionately high maternal and infant mortality.
The pandemic is increasing anxiety and depression among young adults. Here's what can be done about it.
The "Good Place" star opened up about how she's navigating 2020 with her family.
Jamina Bone's relatable illustrations explore what it's like to experience the "baby blues" after having a child.
The Duke of Sussex is open about the highs and lows of raising his son, Archie.

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