U.S. Congress

Elected officials are spending the last of a spring federal COVID relief package as an end-of-year deadline approaches.
Nearly 12 million Americans are set to have their benefits expire at the end of the year.
Republican lawmakers will soon be forced into a moment of truth as one Trump court case after another topples.
Unemployment benefits and other coronavirus relief measures are set to expire next month.
Well-informed observers told HuffPost they're increasingly confident a combination of progressives and hawks will send a big signal about changing U.S. foreign policy.
For some Republicans, it's a performance. For others, Trump's false claims of election fraud are Gospel.
At least 17 new Republican women are joining Congress. But some advocates are grappling with greater gender parity at the cost of actual gender equality.
It may have been the right decision during the pandemic, but it also likely had political consequences.
Jones and Torres, both of New York, are part of what's been described as a "rainbow wave" of LGBTQ officials who swept to victory Tuesday.
“It makes me wonder what value polls even have at this point,” one Democratic lawmaker said.