U.S. Congress

Shou Zi Chew defended the popular app before House lawmakers who warned that data security and user safety issues could lead to a ban in the U.S.
The president blocked GOP-led efforts to overturn a rule allowing retirement plans to consider environmental and governance factors when making investment choices.
Will Donald Trump be arrested? If not Tuesday, then ever? We’ll have to wait and see. But while the nation waits, it’s worth sifting through some of the reactions.
314 Action is looking to recruit scientists in a host of Biden-won House districts.
A bill that Democrats supported and Trump signed into law in 2018 weakened regulations on entities like Silicon Valley Bank, whose collapse set off fears of another financial crisis.
Lawmakers are trying to decide whether the federal government should bail out a failed bank that mostly served the wealthy and powerful.
"Their big lie has to stretch all the way over Jan. 6,” the Democratic lawmaker said.
Democrats' fear of Republican "soft on crime" criticism in 2024 trumped their push for the local autonomy of D.C. and the 700,000 residents who live there.
“I’m running for Congress because it’s time to restore faith in government," announced Savage.
On the 58th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, the president spoke of the continued fight for voting protections despite a lack of visible progress.