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Watch Elijah Cummings deliver an inspiration poem in his first floor speech to Congress in 1996
The veteran Democrat, who died Thursday at 68, recited a poem he said he lived by during his first-ever address in the chamber.
Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings has died due to “complications concerning longstanding health challenges.”
Faced with an impeachment inquiry, President Donald Trump has openly defied the core constructs of the Constitution.
“Your statements come at a time when we would hope to see Americans standing up and speaking out," the legislators wrote in a letter.
Most activists are satisfied with House Democrats' approach, but some want more.
Ukraine is moving forward and reopening an investigation into a Ukranian gas company that Joe Biden’s son Hunter sat on the board of.
Shepard Smith berated President Donald Trump for publicly saying that China should investigate his political rival Joe Biden.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden went after President Donald Trump after Trump tried to pin the Ukrainian scandal on the former Vice President.
Vice President Mike Pence is trying to distance himself from his boss, President Donald Trump, amid the Ukraine scandal.
As Democrats on Capitol Hill continue their impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, the president and his Cabinet members are fighting back.
The meltdown shows he "can’t stand respecting brown immigrant woman’s power over him," Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said.
Former Vice President Joe Biden says he will back impeachment proceedings if President Trump continues “stonewalling” congressional investigations into his conduct.
“How dare you!” Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg went after world leaders at the United Nations climate action summit.
The House speaker is in the middle of Democrats' fight over impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.
The bill is unlikely to pass the Senate, but advocates for women and consumers were thrilled to even get a vote on it.
President Donald Trump is under fire after an intelligence official filed a whistleblower complaint against the president.
The Minnesota representative was seen jamming with other elected officials at an event during Congressional Black Caucus week in Washington, D.C.
Chief executives of nearly 150 companies are calling on the U.S. Senate to pass gun-control legislation to combat mass shootings.
GOP officials are blaming Democrats after the Trump administration defunded military projects in their states.