U.S. Congress

Millions of ordinary small business owners initially struggled to access emergency relief, raising questions about who got priority.
A Kentucky congressman claimed the Founding Fathers would not agree with face masks and mandatory vaccinations.
The Congressional Black Caucus is eliciting criticism for siding with Rep. Eliot Engel, a white incumbent, against Black primary challenger Jamaal Bowman.
Ritchie Torres appears to have held off Rubén Díaz Sr., the anti-gay conservative favored to win, in a Democratic race that splintered the progressive left.
Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says it would be "unhealthy" for people to stay home on unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic if they could be working.
House Democrats called the incident in front of the White House this week a "direct threat to our democracy" in letter to Attorney General Bill Barr.
The coronavirus benefit boost expires in July and Republicans in Congress seem uninterested in paying people to stay home.
A three-week session ended with no new bills passed to deal with the crisis that has caused nearly 100,000 deaths in the U.S.