U.S. Congress

The California governor said he will not appoint someone already running to replace the late senator in 2024 ― and that includes the progressive Black lawmaker.
Congressional supporters of Ukraine say they won’t give up after the bill to prevent a shutdown excluded Biden's request for aid to the war-torn nation.
President Joe Biden signed the last-minute bill to prevent a government shutdown. But there are no guarantees the threat won’t return.
Despite the lack of aid for Ukraine, President Joe Biden is expected to sign the measure.
Emergency child care funding expires this weekend, dealing a blow to providers — and families too — unless Congress acts soon.
Raskin said he doesn't see Republicans "moving forward" with the evidence-lacking impeachment inquiry into the president.
“As a former director of emergency management, I know a disaster when I see one," quipped Rep. Jared Moskowitz.
The majority leader broke with many of his Democratic colleagues who are demanding that the newly indicted senator step down.
The Senate began work on a temporary bill to keep agencies funded, but the mechanics of how Congress works may mean it started too late.
There's no clear path ahead as lawmakers return with tensions high and options limited.