U.S. Congress

Even in a place as bitterly divided as the U.S. House, nothing brings people together like dunking on someone else.
The New York Republican remained defiant after he was ousted from Congress for allegedly spending campaign money on Botox and designer clothes.
GOP Rep. Max Miller of Ohio made the allegation not long before Santos was expelled from Congress.
The controversial former member of Congress has apparently gone from “Rep.” to “RIP.”
Girl bye! Now-former Rep. George Santos is out of a job after the admitted liar was booted from Congress following a damning report from an ethics panel. But his troubles are far from over…
“We’re doing it already,” Sen. Tim Kaine said, when asked what Congress can realistically do to influence Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.
After getting some air, the Iowa Republican used the scare to criticize Democrats' "woke policies."
Ahead of Friday's expected vote, Santos introduced a privileged censure resolution against another House member, but also said, "If this is it, this is it."
According to an excerpt from a new book, the former speaker’s excuse is a real head-scratcher.
The New York representative has accumulated a list of lies and allegations, ranging from silly acts to more serious reports that could get him expelled from Congress.