U.S. Congress

“Why don’t Democrats do that this year?" asked the MSNBC anchor.
Rep. Barbara Lee and allies have pushed politicians to reckon with U.S. overreach, and the Senate and Joe Biden are expected to help end the authorization.
"New Day" broke down how "blue lives matter until they don't" for House Republicans who voted against honoring Capitol Police officers.
The Senate -- which initially refused to pass such a measure -- is expected to approve a similar bill. The Gold Medal is the highest congressional honor.
A growing number of Democratic senators are demanding assurances that Congress will pass another package that includes progressive priorities.
More than 100 members of Congress are pushing for higher staff wages, to ensure that “Congress reflects the American people we serve.”
Plenty of Senate Republicans support a Juneteenth holiday, but the bill would take time from other Democratic priorities.
The White House has named nominees for the Civil Rights Cold Case Records Review Board, which will reexamine unsolved murder cases of the civil rights era.
Manchin's opposition to a sweeping package of voting reforms has left Democrats scrambling to figure out a path forward on protecting voting rights.
Don't forget the names of these GOP lawmakers who chose Donald Trump over American democracy. Twice.