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Looking for a new job? While many industries are enacting hiring freezes and layoffs, some are actively hiring because of COVID-19.
For the second week in a row, a record number of Americans filed for unemployment benefits as the coronavirus pandemic causes mass layoffs.
The Georgia Senator came under fire last month after she and her husband dumped substantial portions of their portfolio after a series of private congressional briefings on the then-burgeoning pandemic.
Even as utilities pledge to stop cutting service to the poor during the coronavirus pandemic, some of America’s most vulnerable are falling through the cracks.
"Something about a crisis feels like a gauge measuring our character."
Here's what Delta, Southwest and other carriers are offering customers canceling or changing their travel because of COVID-19 concerns.
You could get a direct payment of $1,200, depending on your income.
"How will so many of us continue to pay bills, juggle child care and work and live on such limited — and now vanishing — funds?"
One Twitter user correctly noted that "not one single human being deserves to die for somebody else's stock portfolio."
Here's how experts say you should handle retirement funds in light of extreme volatility caused by COVID-19.
What every worker needs to know if they've lost a job because of COVID-19 — including what's in the new stimulus package.
Here's a list of the jobs and businesses that typically remain open during shutdowns.
The extension is the second date change since the coronavirus upended American life.
In certain situations, financial infidelity may be warranted.
How do you know that the person at your door is legit?
Individuals and businesses will be allowed to delay paying tax bills by 90 days.
The actor, who played Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson on "Orange Is the New Black," wants to make talking about money less taboo.
Experts say on average, bear markets have lasted 14 months in the period since World War II, while market corrections have lasted an average of five months.
Would you risk your health ― and potentially, your life ― for $100 in freebies?
The only catch? There's much more demand than lenders can reasonably handle.