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The winner asked for a $10 Lucky 7′s scratch-off ticket at a gas station, but decided to keep the $20 ticket given to him by mistake.
Safe and affordable housing is increasingly out of reach for low-income renters, according to a new report.
Yet they're still confident they'll pass a bill.
Traveling in a motorhome can be a lot more exhausting — and expensive — than you might think.
The U.S. has long resisted a more flexible work culture. But some companies are now testing out a shorter workweek.
Food Industry Action is a new fundraiser bringing together people in the restaurant world.
Denied access to land, Black households were then subject to racist policies of redlining, contract buying, and land devaluation. But that's not all.
The movement hopes to spur $5 million in spending between Juneteenth and the 4th of July.
From restaurants to hair salons, some businesses are battling the cost of operating during the pandemic with extra fees. But is it legal?
Plus, experts break down how to spot a potentially misleading listing.
The upstate New York city passed an ambitious resolution to wipe away rental debt accrued during the coronavirus pandemic.
Entrepreneur Aurora James called on major companies to commit to buying 15% of their stock from Black-owned companies.
Here's how to support Black businesses while helping mitigate the spread of COVID-19.
Health care personnel and others now run the risk of arrest during their commutes.
Democrats want the unemployed to continue getting an extra $600 a week past July. Republicans want to rush people back to work.
Dollars can speak just as loudly as words.
Wall Street and Main Street often exist in two different realities.
Don't be fooled. With all the layoffs from the coronavirus pandemic, fraud is rampant.
An error by one student loan servicer caused borrowers' credit scores to drop.
President Donald Trump says he "loves" the idea of negative rates, but Fed Chair Jerome Powell disagrees.