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From life insurance issues to increased anxiety, read about some possible outcomes before you swab.
It carries a penalty of up to 30 years in jail or $1 million in fines.
Understanding these two terms can help you make better booking choices.
’Tis the season for fraud and theft.
For example, your sign-up bonus might be subject to income tax.
"It is not easy and it is not always going to be cheap, but it is far from impossible," one lawyer said.
There are fewer reasons to wake up at the crack of dawn on Nov. 23.
Most home insurance policies cover fire, but it's not always enough.
There's a 50-50 chance you'll need costly long-term care at some point in retirement.
It occurs in 99 percent of domestic violence cases.
Don't pay a credit monitoring company for something you can get for free.
If you have a spare 60 minutes, you can put some extra cash back in your pocket.
There's a good chance you're giving up free money.
The new credit score from FICO will consider your banking activity, too.
There's often room to negotiate a rental increase.
Just one simple error could mean your federal student aid is delayed or even denied.
Who knows if Uncle Sam plans to keep his promise?
Learning to be better with money shouldn't feel like punishment.
You don't need a six-figure portfolio to work with a professional.
It's not Chip and Joanna's fault, but we need to drop some reality.
Here are the five most important things to consider.
Don't spend your hard-earned money on things you can get free.
Andrea Woroch, a consumer finance expert, shares her 5 tips on how to get your finances back on track this fall.
Your mortgage payment is only the beginning.
A new design and a new mission for HuffPost’s “no-B.S. guide to modern life”
More than 1 million kids were victims of identity theft last year.
Closed accounts in good standing stay on your credit report for 10 years.
You may not need tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a house.
Shockingly, your roof is off-limits. And that's not all.
Make sure you can take on a home without going broke.
Negotiations don't end at child support or alimony.
What’s tricky about bad advice is that often it sounds good.