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Don't leave money on the table in a coronavirus-related layoff. Do consider how severance impacts your taxes and unemployment insurance.
The bill would hire and train recently unemployed workers to fight the coronavirus pandemic, including by tracing the spread of the disease.
Unemployment compensation is considered income, and you're responsible for paying taxes on it.
Uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and its impact on the economy could spell more trouble for the stock market.
Experts explain the most important factors to consider when canceling or postponing a trip amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Senate Democrats to require airlines to give full cash refunds to passengers during the pandemic, even if it was the customer who canceled.
Join HuffPost for a live virtual Q&A on what the coronavirus is teaching us about creating different and better work environments.
Certain industries aren’t just growing despite the coronavirus pandemic, they’re growing because of it.
The coronavirus recession has hammered auto sales, and dealerships will negotiate by phone, text and email.
Getting a payment won't mean a higher tax bill for 2020, but the amount of your stimulus money could ultimately change.
Stimulus checks have gone out to Americans across the country. We wanted to know what our readers chose to spend their money on.
How to calculate your payment amount, what to do if you haven't received a check, and more.
It is unclear what the consequences would be if someone refuses to return a deceased person’s coronavirus stimulus payment.
A third of Americans are spending money to deal with pandemic-related stress.
How to handle packing, hiring movers and more, according to experts.
The pandemic will affect airports, hotels and other aspects of your future trips.
House Democrats recently proposed the HEROES Act, which includes a second relief payment of $1,200 with more inclusive eligibility requirements.
Here's where to go for help if you've lost income due to the coronavirus pandemic.
"$200 worth of groceries will end up costing me $550 due to the sky-high finance rate that came along with the loan."
Experts share the best ways to cut expenses right now so you can keep up on bills.