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The singer appeared to confirm she’s dating Blanco, who co-produced her song “Single Soon.”
“We hope that her life and career will serve as an inspiration for others to follow their dreams and passions," her family said.
Charlamagne tha God said it was “not surprising” that the presidential candidates didn’t talk about the topic.
McDermott, who reportedly referred to the attacks in a 2019 team meeting, said he regretted not doing a "good enough job of communicating" his point.
The late-night host used the platform to toss fictitious tales at the disgraced congressman.
“The evidence we now have, and have published today, is that an Israeli tank crew killed our colleague."
Dagen McDowell compared Ramaswamy to your sister’s new boyfriend who inspires you to fake an illness so you don't have to be around him.
Tiffany Red, a friend who was alluded to in Cassie's lawsuit against her ex, wrote an open letter to Diddy saying that she also was "traumatized" by him.
Trouble is brewing between Cole Hauser, who plays Rip on the hit Western drama, and showrunner Taylor Sheridan.
The vote is a formality designed to deflect Democratic criticism about Republicans failing to follow proper procedure.