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The former president pushed a lot of conspiracies on Fox News, the CNN anchor pointed out. But he also promoted getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
A verdict looms in the trial of Chauvin, the former police officer charged with murder in the death last year of George Floyd.
“I got the Chinese s**t,” the Trump-loving musician said in a Facebook live video filled with racist slurs.
The shift will align COVID-19 travel advice from the Department of State with that from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
"The Late Show" host went medieval on the QAnon-endorsing Republican's proposal to champion Anglo-Saxon political traditions.
“There was a mix of the scary and the absurd ― MAGA in a nutshell,” said “The Daily Show” correspondent.
The Fox News host went way over the top when talking about the former president's current schedule.
This scene involved ducking the police several times.
The Republican Accountability Project says Rubio's support for Trump means Florida voters shouldn't support him in next year's reelection campaign.
Colorado District Judge Natalie Chase was censured by the state's Supreme Court for her behavior.