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Carla Faith was only licensed to care for up to six children at her Colorado Springs private daycare.
Anjali Ryot was one of two foreign tourists killed in the Caribbean coast resort of Tulum.
Yale history professor Timothy Snyder pointed out the worrying ways the next election could differ from 2020.
The MSNBC anchor spotted the superpower that "ostentatious jerk" Republicans are desperate to develop.
"Tucker attacks me. His fans respond with threats to kill my family. And Tucker knows exactly what he’s doing," said the California Democrat.
"The Late Show" host went to town on New Hampshire state Rep. Ken Weyler's bonkers "report" on the coronavirus shots.
The son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee was killed while filming "The Crow." His family calls for banning real guns on film sets after the death of Halyna Hutchins.
Court records show an assistant director handed Alec Baldwin a loaded weapon before Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
The prop gun had several misfires in recent days, a source told the Los Angeles Times, raising questions about safety procedures on set.
But it won't block the restrictive abortion law while the case plays out.