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Louisiana is preparing for a worst-case scenario in the coronavirus pandemic.
To announce its temporary return, the show tweeted a picture of the cast in a Zoom meeting.
With Lyme disease on the rise, people need to take special care to avoid tick encounters amid the COVID-19 crisis.
The aircraft carrier now has more than 400 confirmed cases after its captain was ousted for expressing concern about the virus.
The woman was shoved to the hospital floor after grabbing another patient's IV pole, New York City police said.
As ventilators have become one of the most indispensable tools in the fight against COVID-19, so have the respiratory therapists who run the machines.
The 2020 election likely will take place as the world’s largest economy is still attempting to climb back from the deadly outbreak.
It’s too early to think about life after the pandemic, infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said, urging Americans to continue social distancing.
The pressers were "boring" and Trump's outbursts "notably off-key," the conservative newspaper's board wrote in a critical column.
Lonnie Dench died from COVID-19 on Sunday, stranger-turned-friend Jamal Hinton announced on Twitter.
Businesses continue to lay off workers as the coronavirus outbreak wreaks havoc on the economy.
The Liberty University president said warrants were issued for New York Times and ProPublica journalists reporting on his failure to close the school for the coronavirus.
"Seriously, how many incredibly specific warnings do you need?" asked the "Late Night" host.
The U.S. government has used an obscure public health law to justify one of its most aggressive border crackdowns ever.
At least 759 people under the age of 50, including some with no preexisting conditions, have reportedly died in the U.S. from the novel coronavirus.
Former Rep. Joe Walsh put the president on notice: "He lied about the virus."
Reddit users transformed "The Late Show" host into Donald Trump, trolls, cartoon characters and more.
“It is all about how much we just don’t know yet,” warned Dr. Greta Bauer in a new column for The New York Times.
Republican Ron DeSantis trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons after he wore just one glove for a press conference.
The horror author had to make some edits to his latest work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.