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Rick Chow is accused of chasing and shooting Cyrus Carmack-Belton in the back. The teen was falsely accused of stealing water bottles from Chow's store.
Pauline Bauer, 55, screamed death threats at the then-House speaker and accosted officers who were trying to secure the Rotunda.
“I see card after card. You’re not allowed to write any of them (up),” said Mathew Bianchi, who alleges a practice of selective enforcement in a new federal lawsuit.
The infant was left inside the vehicle for about three hours, police in Palm Bay, Florida, said.
Micki Witthoeft was charged with simple assault and destruction of property.
The White House’s budget agreement with the GOP delivers the Mountain Valley Pipeline – sans the permitting reforms the renewable industry hoped for last year.
“We’re watching you, Ron,” said the co-host of “The View" while slamming the 2024 GOP presidential candidate’s “ridiculousness."
"Let’s do some math," Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu mockingly responded to Republican Ralph Norman's grumble on Fox News.
The former president and 2024 GOP front-runner promised to sign an executive order to nullify a clause. But the process required is actually much more complicated.
Absolutely no one liked the Fox News host's idea for keeping Trump out of the White House.