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A NASA spacecraft rammed an asteroid at blistering speed Monday in an unprecedented dress rehearsal for the day a killer rock menaces Earth.
Magnus Carlsen posted a tweet Monday attempting to explain why he refused to play Hans Niemann at last week’s Julius Baer Generation Cup.
The right-wing podcaster hasn't served in the military himself, as many critics were quick to point out.
Amid progressive calls to abolish the filibuster, the Arizona Democrat said she's in favor of restoring it to processes where it's already been removed.
Michael Carneal, now 39, told a parole board that he still hears voices like the ones that told him to fire a gun in his high school in 1997, killing three people.
Milwaukee radio station WKTI also announced that it has suspended Favre’s weekly Green Bay Packers recap program on the station.
The two girls planned to run away to Georgia together after carrying out the killings in Texas, authorities said.
The parchment is worth upward of $10,000, but the new owner said he has no intention of selling it.
Animal rights activists have long condemned the event as “one of the most offensive” in rodeos.
"You know that a president can't declassify documents by thinking about it," George Stephanopoulos told Sen. John Barrasso.