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"Late Show" host hits back after Kellyanne Conway said the hearings make her want to sleep.
In a statement released by state media, North Korean negotiator Kim Myong Gil didn’t clearly say whether the North would accept the supposed U.S. offer.
The vice president said the Trump administration remains "resolved to bring this scourge of school shootings to an end."
A federal court is allowing a Kentucky man to personalize a license plate with the phrase “IM GOD” after a three-year legal battle over the custom engraving.
Sen. Richard Blumenthal's aide passed him a note alerting him of the deadly shooting unfolding at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.
The president's refusal to release those financial documents has dogged him for years.
Joanne Rogers went to a Pittsburgh hospital’s World Kindness and Cardigan Day event in honor of the late television icon and had a little surprise of her own.
Jilmar Ramos-Gomez, 28, was held at a Michigan detention center for three days despite carrying a U.S. passport.
The former Massachusetts governor's announcement video suggests he was the first in his family to go to college, but his father apparently went before him.
One Twitter user wants the next prez not to have a Twitter account.
The billionaire businessman and prospective Democratic presidential candidate stopped short of apologizing in a New York Times story about his past remarks.
Bevin announced Thursday he will not contest results showing Democrat Andy Beshear winning.
Don't worry: Honolulu resident Chris Garth used a fake ring while in the water. The real ring was on shore at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki,
He's never tried a case. He condemned women's rights and diversity. He refused to answer senators' questions. Republicans confirmed him anyway.
These are the House speaker's strongest comments yet in favor of impeachment.
The cows managed to swim five miles to a barrier island where they lived off the land.
The July 26 call between Trump and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland was first described during Bill Taylor's testimony Wednesday.
The suspect, a 16-year-old male student, shot himself in the head and is in grave condition, according to officials.
Phillip Todd Wilson, 54, faces 17 charges of child pornography possession and distribution.
"Or he’s somewhere in between there — we don’t know what it is," the MSNBC host said.