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Advocates say migrants should be given safe means to seek asylum, not razor-wire obstacles.
The bipartisan Indian Buffalo Management Act would help spur one of the country's most unique conservation movements.
Many social media users thought the controversial congresswoman really whiffed it with her latest insult towards the president.
Sierra Jamison, 30, was allegedly strangled by a man she'd been dating for several weeks.
The Democratic senator and his wife were indicted after allegedly accepting bribes from an Egyptian American businessman.
The New Jersey senator "has rightly decided" to temporarily give up the committee gavel amid corruption charges, said Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.
Former President Donald Trump, the leading Republican seeking to unseat Biden, is also courting autoworkers with a rally in Detroit.
Wads of cash, incriminating Google searches and more from the case against New Jersey’s senior Democratic senator.
Party leaders “absolutely” should push the New Jersey senator out of office over his corruption charges, said Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota.
Democrats warned that widespread use of AI to evaluate critical consumer decisions from credit to housing is “dangerous for both our financial system and our entire economy.”