Donald Trump

The president got personal in his comment about the porn star after a grand jury began hearing evidence in the long-standing case.
The "Late Night" comedian spotlighted GOP treatment of Trump.
Instead of running away from the newly elected congressman and his lies, the Republican Party should embrace the monster they’ve created.
“I was taken aback by how often I heard this,” McKay Coppins said on CNN.
"Oh man," began Ayman Mohyeldin as he ridiculed the South Carolina Republican's address at Donald Trump's 2024 campaign rally.
Just in case you were wondering where the former president's loyalties lie.
The former president filed a $49 million lawsuit saying that while he agreed to be taped, he never approved their public release.
It's a major development in one of the longest-running investigations into Trump, who has denied coordinating hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.
Rep. Jim Jordan got schooled by NBC’s Chuck Todd after the Ohio Republican argued that the FBI is against Donald Trump.
The former aide's comments come after a recent report suggested that Greene is ambitious about being Trump's choice for vice president.