Donald Trump

The longtime Trump ally also reportedly dinged the former president with gags about Melania Trump and reading during a closed-door event.
“Devin Nunes, CEO & LOL,” former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara tweeted about the California Republican's move to lead Donald Trump's tech startup.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host also spotted the moment Trump showed he was “finally coming around” to admitting he lost the 2020 election.
The Ohio Republican suggested the threat from the "radical left" was similar to that of the Nazis and critics hit back.
A Trump Christmas card that looks extra phallic is trending on Twitter. Of course, many people are asking if it’s real.
President Joe Biden presided over the annual gala that was repeatedly snubbed by the former president.
Since May, counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump tallied nearly triple the death rate of blue state counterparts — due to COVID "misinformation," says NPR.
"It's the old double negative trap, laid by the Deep State," quipped a Twitter critic.
The former president bragged about his "massive rally" before the Capitol riot.
Joe and Jill Biden are set to go to the annual gala celebrating the arts, which Donald and Melania Trump avoided following outcry.
The Supreme Court’s conservative justices appear ready to uphold a Mississppi law banning abortion after 15 weeks, effectively overturning Roe v. Wade.
The "Late Show" host reimagined the former White House chief of staff's memoir name in light of his revelations about Donald Trump's COVID-19 results.
The former White House press secretary promoted “Florida’s greatest Christmas party," where a ticket costs $10,000 for one photo with Donald Trump.
“Sadly, testing positive for COVID was the only positive thing he did in four years as president," said the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host.
Trump considered installing Clark as his attorney general in the desperate waning days of his presidency.
The president was blunt when a reporter asked him about sharing a debate stage with Trump after his rival had reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.
Mark Meadows revealed in his book that the former president had first tested positive for the coronavirus nearly a week before he admitted it.
The former secretary of state tweeted a not-so-subtle jab at Trump’s love for hamburgers.