Donald Trump

The "explosive" reported audio is “the last nail in a coffin that already has a whole lot of nails in it" and means just one thing for the former president, they warned.
The battle between the former president and Florida governor is escalating.
The Fox News analyst cackled on air at one of the former president's claims.
Ty Cobb, who served in the Trump White House, said new recording "eviscerates" Trump's already-weak defense.
The evidence could undermine the former president's claims he automatically declassified material he took after his presidency.
The "Fox & Friends" host had strong words for the former president after Trump dissed his press secretary.
The former president and 2024 GOP front-runner promised to sign an executive order to nullify a clause. But the process required is actually much more complicated.
Absolutely no one liked the Fox News host's idea for keeping Trump out of the White House.
The former president turned on his onetime press secretary.
A 54-second clip honoring fallen American soldiers prompted a backlash on Twitter.