Donald Trump

Just in time for spooky season, Donald Trump is crying witch hunt… this time because he could about to lose his iconic Trump Tower as he faces multiple counts of business fraud.
Stephanie Grisham reacted to news that the former president will be present at start of the civil fraud trial on Monday.
The president wants the Democratic lawmaker imprisoned for setting off the alarm as votes to avoid a shutdown loomed.
“Another unhelpful debate in November is not an option: Voters deserve a real choice for who will best serve as our party’s nominee,” his campaign said.
The attorney general made the comment on "60 Minutes" as Trump and allies continue to claim the cases were timed to undermine his presidential campaign.
Here's your annual reminder that Trump did not save Christmas.
It spells "financial catastrophe" for the former president, said his onetime fixer and attorney.
The trial is the culmination of an investigation by Letitia James, who accused Trump and his company of lying about his wealth in financial statements.
It's been "the core" of the former president's public brand, said the former Biden White House press secretary.
The Fox News host pressed the Florida governor as she questioned his "path to victory" in 2024.