Donald Trump

The former president pushed a lot of conspiracies on Fox News, the CNN anchor pointed out. But he also promoted getting vaccinated against COVID-19.
A GOP group took out an attack ad against Sen. Marco Rubio for his phony relationship with Donald Trump after the former president endorsed Rubio’s reelection.
“There was a mix of the scary and the absurd ― MAGA in a nutshell,” said “The Daily Show” correspondent.
The Fox News host went way over the top when talking about the former president's current schedule.
The Republican Accountability Project says Rubio's support for Trump means Florida voters shouldn't support him in next year's reelection campaign.
"God I love the internet," one Twitter user said after the prankster called the MyPillow CEO.
The contest to succeed Donald Trump at the head of the Republican Party is on.
Journalist E. Jean Carroll's attorneys argue that's both "wrong and dangerous."
The Missouri Republican says it's Democrats who use mobs and tell big lies and try to overturn elections. Weird!