Donald Trump

The GOP's complaints about disparate treatment have already begun. But there’s no real comparison.
The former president surged in the polls after his first indictment. There's little indication it won't happen again.
Rep. Clay Higgins, one of at least two Republicans to use warlike rhetoric over Donald Trump's charges, told his Twitter followers to “Buckle up.”
The House GOP conference chair is urging people to donate to the “Official Trump Defense Fund,” but virtually all of that money would go to her campaign.
Records were also stored in a storage room with multiple outside entrances, the indictment states.
The former president's attacks on Hillary Clinton in 2016 are now evidence against him.
The former president is getting a lot of crap for allegedly keeping sensitive documents in a bathroom.
One of them, Jim Trusty, recently appeared on television defending the former president.
The former president will face 37 charges over documents he took to Mar-a-Lago after leaving office.