Donald Trump

The former president phoned his press secretary from Air Force One to assure her his penis was neither small nor toadstool-shaped, Grisham wrote in her tell-all.
The top U.S. military officer told Congress he knew former President Donald Trump wasn’t planning to attack China, and told leaders there to "stay calm."
Johnson, officially announced as a new cast member before Saturday's 47th season premiere, has been lauded as a pitch-perfect impressionist of the ex-president.
"That's like banning a turtle from its shell," the "Late Night" host cracked.
The "Late Show" host says the former guy "really did get tired of winning.”
The former guy once again claimed to win a war that never existed.
The inexperienced trio operated as a shadow administration in the Department of Veterans Affairs to pursue personal interests, says a joint House investigation.
That's why it would be a "disaster" if Trump regained the White House, said newly retired DHS official Brian Murphy, who filed a whistleblower complaint.
"I’d much rather be a friend and a supporter than an employee," Spicer told Mediaite.
"I know things are bleak right now, but ... this is technically the better timeline."