Donald Trump

The famed Watergate reporter said the tax report is "the smoking gun about who Donald Trump really is."
The United States has recorded the most COVID-19 deaths of any country, followed by Brazil and India.
The infectious disease expert also called Trump's new coronavirus adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, an "outlier."
The $2.2 trillion package is still nearly a trillion dollars over what Trump said he'd be willing to sign.
The very imaginative posts may be closer to the truth than many would care to admit.
There was no "economic populist agenda” once Trump was elected, wrote the former RNC spokesman. But his new tax law became a "boon to the wealthy."
Trump's tax returns highlight just how much he needs to stay in office to avoid possible prosecution and mountains of debt.
Trump characteristically pushed tax-avoidance strategies to the limit, perhaps to the breaking point.
In his new book, “Wicked Game,” Trump’s former deputy campaign manager wrote that the president even polled the idea twice.
The former Trump campaign manager was arrested Sunday following a standoff with police.