Donald Trump

"Technically, you're correct. 160,000 dead from COVID-19 is far higher than expectations," one person fired back on Twitter.
From the racist "Birther" conspiracy theory about Barack Obama to his attacks on the Central Park Five.
President''s disdain for the "rule of law" undermines global business trust in the U.S., which threatens the American economy, warns TikTok.
Trump insists he's the last person Russia would want to see in the White House.
Dozens of guests at Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club joined his news conference, booing reporters and appearing to flout state limits on gatherings.
The president who dropped the world's largest non-nuclear bomb is using surreal '60s-style imagery and the message "Make Peace Not War" in new ads.
Few believe that the president has managed to drain the swamp, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds.
She may also continue to seek a sample of his DNA, a New York justice ruled.
The campaign event headlined by White House spiritual adviser Paula White led to a $250 fine against the Ahern Hotel for violating coronavirus prevention rules.
The CDC found that Hispanic children were hospitalized at a rate eight times higher than white kids, and Black children were hospitalized at a rate five times higher.