Donald Trump

A 54-second clip honoring fallen American soldiers prompted a backlash on Twitter.
Mick Mulvaney, the onetime acting White House chief of staff, envisioned how the next presidential election will go down.
The Florida governor’s two-day trip to the leadoff caucus state comes after a stumbling online announcement that formalized his entry into the GOP field.
The president said plenty — without saying much at all.
The former president has a long history of making offensive and insulting comments about military members, despite never serving himself.
Trump had warm words for the democracy-dismantling president after his reelection victory in Turkey.
Trump and his team are operating under the assumption that no other candidate will be able to consolidate enough of the anti-Trump vote to take him down.
The Donald Trump ally described U.S. military assistance to Ukraine as “the best money we’ve ever spent.”
Some Colorado College students opposing the choice of Cheney as speaker booed and turned their chairs away from the stage as she spoke.
"Y’all too late. Y’all too late," said Michael Steele.