Donald Trump

World Relief, a Christian group, is speaking up against the Trump administration's new plan to keep migrant kids indefinitely detained with their parents.
The anchor warned the president's trade war with China could spell trouble for consumer confidence.
A fascism expert points out this was also a message used by former dictator Benito Mussolini.
The Dow Jones fell more than 500 points after the president attacked Jerome Powell and "ordered" U.S. companies to cease relations with China.
The pop star told The Guardian she thinks the president believes America is an "autocracy."
The conflict over trade and technology is threatening to tip a weakening global economy into recession.
David Koch, of the infamous “Koch brothers,” was a conservative billionaire who funded the GOP’s fight against environmental protections, social security and labor rights.
The island isn't for sale, but the GOP is trying to cash in on Trump's failed idea to buy it.
The Arkansas Republican reportedly said anyone who opposes the idea is blinded by "Trump derangement."
Anderson Cooper has used his nightly CNN show to go after President Donald Trump for everything from flip-flopping on tax cuts to his “disloyalty” comment about Jewish Americans.
The clip is going viral again after Trump claimed he was the "chosen one."
It's an effort to treat mental illness as a public health crisis, and it's way different from what Trump has been doing.
The CNN host said worrying economic signs are being met by chaos in the White House.
“In a way, Sarah, you’ve been a Fox contributor all along,” one person on Twitter replied.
Former White House communications director said Trump's staff is too scared to leave and speak out against him -- but they're hoping for a rescue.
A whistleblower's allegation of interference with the president's IRS audit hints at another way to obtain those tax returns.
The ex-Trump campaign aide who pleaded guilty in Mueller's probe testified against Greg Craig, who's accused of hiding information from the Justice Department.
The president of the United States deploys the insult to tar women who don't bend to his will.
New Labor Department revisions complicate the Trump administration's message of a strong economy.