Donald Trump

Late night comedians were shocked after a report that ex-President Donald Trump pressured the Justice Department to investigate their shows.
The former president claims he could be back in power soon.
"The Late Show" host called out the former president over a report that he wanted to investigate comedians who mocked him.
Trump reportedly wanted the Justice Department to investigate late-night comics who mocked him.
New York prosecutors are reportedly investigating whether Trump’s former bodyguard received tax-free perks as part of a Trump Organization scheme to avoid paying taxes.
The "Late Show" host's reference to the former president gets a big reaction from the crowd.
"I love the guy," Matthew Calamari has said of Trump.
The late-night host jokes that the former president's recent statement had a hidden line about Eric Trump.
“We should not have to sue the FEC repeatedly to make it do its job,” said a director of Campaign Legal Center Action.
The Fox News political analyst says the ex-president, still popular among Republicans, embodies the party's descent "into farce."