Donald Trump

The Facebook CEO and the president had a "constructive" meeting, the social media giant said.
A U.S. intelligence official's concerns about Trump's "promises" to a foreign leader involve Ukraine, The Washington Post reported.
“In dealing with Bibi, it’s always useful to carry a healthy amount of skepticism," the former secretary of state said in a talk at Harvard.
Democrats could have used the short-term funding extension to pass restrictions on Trump priorities. But they decided now was not the time.
The top Democrat on the House Agriculture Committee insists farmers need the money.
“No debris flow out into the Bay or the Ocean,” Mayor London Breed said in response to the president.
The law requires presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the state's ballot.
The Pentagon and other federal departments have given President Donald Trump money to construct a border wall, but all he’s done so far is reinforce and renovate current barriers at the border.
The NYT says a complaint to top intelligence community officials about alleged conduct by the president involves more alleged incidents than first reported.
One Twitter user told the president that "absolutely everyone knows, 100%, that you have, would, will and do say inappropriate things on a daily basis."
The American public has seen personal tax information for every president from Nixon to Obama.
A House panel questioned a U.S. intelligence official about a whistleblower complaint allegedly involving the president and a world leader.
Video of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers commander warning Trump against revealing sensitive information about the U.S.-Mexico border wall is going viral.
The Republicans for the Rule of Law ad says Trump is reaping big profits from foreign governments staying at his properties.
The irony of the former White House press secretary’s demand did not go unnoticed.
The Fox News hosts battled each other in a passive-aggressive tiff over Trump.
The Fox News host issued some tips for how Trump's allies can avoid perjuring themselves.
The comedian just released a Netflix documentary that explores the issue.
"On the plus side, everyone knows Trump's promises aren't good for anything!" one person pointed out on Twitter.