Donald Trump

Court clash continues to rage over power of the executive branch in fight over booted national security adviser and his secret talks with Russian official.
The state is home to the nation's largest public university system.
The court's conservatives have done more than the powerful Massachusetts Democrat to bring Trump’s tax returns to light, according to Alex Morse.
Several other Republican senators have said they won't attend the event in Florida, citing coronavirus health risks and prior commitments.
The Lincoln Project’s ads go viral. That doesn’t mean they work.
Cohen was released from a federal prison in May due to concerns over possible coronavirus exposure.
President Donald Trump’s most famous New York City building is getting new artwork after a group, including Mayor Bill de Blasio, painted “Black Lives Matter” in front of the building.
President Donald Trump is moving forward with plans to host the in-person Republican National Convention in Florida, even as coronavirus cases flare throughout the state.
The justices ruled Thursday that Trump can't block a grand jury subpoena for the records.
President Donald Trump lost twice in court. But the subpoenaed records that are part of the cases are almost certain to remain hidden from the public until after the election.