Donald Trump

A congressional hearing on Twitter's handling of the Hunter Biden laptop story took a hilarious turn when an ex-Twitter employee made the revelation.
The former president turned his supposed rebuttal of Biden's speech into an acrid campaign rant.
There's one line her critics agreed with — but probably not in the way she was hoping.
The New York Times once said Tucker Carlson’s program “may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.” The Fox News host’s latest comments on Black female judges bolster the claim.
A Pentagon report said a Chinese balloon hovered above a location Trump knows all too well when he was in charge, the news network reported.
“Given all the evidence that we had ― nobody said, 'Hey, the guy’s not guilty,'" Mark Pomerantz said on "60 Minutes."
The former New Jersey governor hit back at the former president — but critics said he was much too late.
A briefing could be presented as early as this week, according to sources, but may not satisfy everyone.
Americans for Prosperity is seeking to back a new candidate for the presidency: “The best thing ... would be a president in 2025 who represents a new chapter."
The deal will also negate hundreds of other campaign NDAs ruled "unduly burdensome."