Donald Trump

The network often acts as an arm of the Trump campaign. So why is it being given the role of impartial referee?
"Our leadership really failed the American people, and they failed my family,” the lifelong conservative from Arizona said of his wife’s death.
Donald Trump's fiercely devoted followers get plenty of attention. But Biden has his own base of loyalists too.
Donald Trump touted his business savvy as his qualification to be both host of “The Apprentice” and president of the United States. Now, The New York Times has revealed he’s debt-ridden and hemorrhaging cash.
President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden face off for the first time in an event moderated by Fox News' Chris Wallace.
The actor plays James Comey in "The Comey Rule," the Showtime miniseries depicting the FBI director's defiance of Donald Trump.
Biden's campaign posted his latest tax returns just days after The New York Times revealed that Donald Trump has paid very little in income taxes over the years.
"Donald Trump has failed us so miserably," the famed pilot says in the ad, co-sponsored by the Lincoln Project and VoteVets.
Tipping the scales in favor of the rich doesn't just create inequality, it produces an inept upper class shielded from the consequences of its errors.
Here's one suggestion for the first 2020 presidential debate: "What advice for the future do you give young voters to avoid paying taxes?"