Donald Trump

Former Trump aides are out of prison during the pandemic, while the woman who leaked information about Russian election interference is still behind bars.
Mail delays bedevil the Postal Service amid a pandemic and with November's election set to see record numbers voting by mail.
It’s not the first time the president has boasted about a formal directive he never actually gave.
Political experts warn that African Americans don't vote for candidates just because they are Black.
The president referred to the Asian country as "Thighland" before correcting himself.
Trump’s remarks signaled how contentious the campaign may get over the coming months.
The "frownders" would be shaking their heads at the president's gaffes.
The president tweeted that his first debate with Democrat Joe Biden should be earlier than the current schedule, which starts Sept. 29.
Progressive PAC MeidasTouch spelled out where some Trump campaign funds are being spent in its new ad.
“The rising water as a metaphor for chaos in the Trump White House could only end two ways,” said artist Tim O’Brien.