Donald Trump

The Republican National Committee's apparent selection of the Miami area property will again use political events to put money in Trump's pocket.
"Late Show" host hits back after Kellyanne Conway said the hearings make her want to sleep.
In a statement released by state media, North Korean negotiator Kim Myong Gil didn’t clearly say whether the North would accept the supposed U.S. offer.
The vice president said the Trump administration remains "resolved to bring this scourge of school shootings to an end."
If anything, Trump has increased corruption because his self-dealing makes it impossible for the U.S. to demand clean government overseas, critics say.
Giuliani's attorney interjected on his call with The Guardian to clarify: "He's joking."
The president's refusal to release those financial documents has dogged him for years.
One Twitter user wants the next prez not to have a Twitter account.
They're still worth holding, they say, and they're still worth watching.
He's never tried a case. He condemned women's rights and diversity. He refused to answer senators' questions. Republicans confirmed him anyway.
These are the House speaker's strongest comments yet in favor of impeachment.
Jimmy Kimmel had the perfect response after the "Knives Out" actor told the anecdote.
The July 26 call between Trump and EU ambassador Gordon Sondland was first described during Bill Taylor's testimony Wednesday.
Several more witnesses are scheduled to testify in the coming week that President Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine as he pushed a probe into rival Joe Biden.
"Or he’s somewhere in between there — we don’t know what it is," the MSNBC host said.
Hoyt Deau Hutchinson said he slashed the blimp in Alabama in the name of "good versus evil."
The MSNBC host also explained her on-air cursing out of Fox News' Laura Ingraham.
The former U.S. attorney general told Fox News he is "going to work for" Trump's endorsement of his Senate bid, adding: "I would love to have his support.”
The former W.H. counsel says the impeachment proceedings have already been worse for Trump than they were for Nixon.