Donald Trump

The action has alarmed authoritarian experts who point to parallels in the old Soviet Union as well as in Nazi Germany.
"Facebook essentially set up this body as a PR device," one critic said of the company's quasi-independent advisory board.
One day after launching his new “communications platform,” Trump assailed his former vice president, along with Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney.
Facebook's Oversight Board said it will uphold the ban on former President Donald Trump's account for now, but the ruling must be reviewed in six months.
The "Fox & Friends" host fired back at the young student with a defense of the former president.
Facebook’s Oversight Board is upholding the suspension of former President Donald Trump from the platform for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot … but there’s a catch.
The group said an indefinite suspension was "not appropriate," and asked Facebook to reassess the penalty within six months.
A federal judge has ruled that a Trump-era Justice Department memo regarding the Russia investigation must be made public.
The damning video tour includes Cruz's teenage jokes about “world domination,” his capitulation to Donald Trump and his misguided Cancun vacation.
“How am I supposed to believe anything they say?" the CNN anchor asked of Republicans who lie about the election, QAnon, hamburgers and climate change.