Donald Trump

"The Devil Wears MAGA," one person joked on the #TitlesForMelaniasMemoir hashtag.
President's repeated attacks against a fellow Republican raise fears that Trump could end up threatening chances of GOP Senate candidates in runoff.
Donald Trump's daughter-in-law claimed the 2020 election "is not over." Twitter users vehemently disagreed.
Steven LaTulippe also urged people to "take off the mask of shame" in a speech at a "Stop the Steal" rally after the election.
Presidential campaign donors have sent $6.7 million straight to the president's businesses. Cha-ching.
Contributor cash goes to buy the president's son's book as a "donor memento" for those who fork out for the GOP.
The president-elect said he and his team have been consulting with labor leaders, CEOs, mayors and governors in crafting their own coronavirus aid bill.
With the state's certification on Friday, Joe Biden has officially clinched the Electoral College majority.
Trump has fought to end the Obama-era program that protects young immigrants, "Dreamers," from deportation. DHS must now accept new applicants.
State officials said the president’s team is “intentionally misleading the public about what happened at State Farm Arena on election night.”