Donald Trump

With the state's certification on Friday, Joe Biden has officially clinched the Electoral College majority.
Trump has fought to end the Obama-era program that protects young immigrants, "Dreamers," from deportation. DHS must now accept new applicants.
State officials said the president’s team is “intentionally misleading the public about what happened at State Farm Arena on election night.”
Biden said he would refrain from holding a "super" version of Trump's October nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, which led to a COVID-19 surge in the White House.
The campaign and its related committees reported $119 million in the bank on Nov. 23, but much of that appears to have been raised before the election.
The former White House counselor also said President Donald Trump has a right to continue challenging the 2020 election results.
Mary Trump told the AP that “it would be a tragedy if Donald and everybody who’s enabled him and committed crimes with him is not held accountable.”
New research shows a severe and lasting impact of President Donald Trump's Muslim travel ban.
The infectious disease expert also confirmed that he will serve as Biden's chief medical officer.
The Utah senator also criticized fellow GOP lawmakers for attempting to turn mask wearing — a public health measure — into "a matter of liberty."