Donald Trump

Donald Trump frequently left the White House to visit his properties and play golf.
The panel is set to vote to recommend that Steve Bannon be held in criminal contempt of Congress.
The extremist first-term lawmaker was accused of promoting toxic masculinity with his "raise them to be a monster" speech.
The "Late Show" host claims to have inside information straight from Moscow.
"Not a cult at all," the "Daily Show" correspondent sarcastically declared at the bizarre event.
"Why would you do this unless you wanted to hide something? Like, ya know, not disclosing your tax returns?" one Twitter user mused.
The former president tried citing executive privilege in his attempt to keep information out of the hands of those investigating the insurrection.
Trump's bodyguards violently attacked a group of protesters in the early days of the former president's campaign, the suit claims.
Various veteran lawmakers deciding to call it quits may not bode well for Democrats as they seek to retain control of the House in 2022.
"Elections are about winning," the Louisiana Republican said.