Donald Trump

Some 25,000 National Guard troops from around the country were due in the District of Columbia in the coming days.
"Where was Nancy Pelosi?" the Republican senator asked during an appearance on Fox News.
Sen. Angus King said there's a "grave danger" of Trump revealing classified information if he receives intelligence briefings after his presidency ends.
Security will be much better than it was Jan. 6 — and it’s important to send a message.
Donald Trump called everything he did, from his election to his trade deals, "historic." But his last months in office finally make that claim correct.
“God’s got his hands in all this, and all this stuff will be revealed,” Mike Lindell said in a wild interview a day after his disturbing White House visit.
Lisa Eisenhart and son Eric Munchel were charged with federal conspiracies after they were photographed inside the Capitol during the Jan. 6 raid.
War-like imagery is spreading in Republican circles post-Capitol riot. Democrats believe isn't an accident.
Actor Dave Bautista wants to find the "low life scummy MAGATS that did this."
"De-platforming" of misinformation "superspreaders" has had a huge impact.