Donald Trump

“We literally left the White House a pandemic playbook,” the former president said.
The president is asking for big donations after Joe Biden pulled in $280 million in small donations in the third quarter ― $64 million more than Trump.
Friends and family of Georgia May Adkins discovered her very specific last request after she died of a stroke late last month at the age of 93.
Throughout this year, Asian Americans have experienced a surge in racist attacks, as Trump has attacked China and used racist slurs to refer to COVID-19.
But the Utah senator wouldn't reveal who he did vote for.
The president's niece said he interrupts during debates "because he knows that getting into a substantive policy discussion is disastrous for him.”
Leaked coronavirus task force reports show the White House knew about the nationwide surge in COVID-19 cases as President Donald Trump downplayed the virus.
"There is only one scientifically minded person in the race," said Prestige Ameritech executive Mike Bowen. "That person is Joe Biden.”
The president's deferral of Social Security taxes for federal workers is creating administrative headaches with virtually no economic benefit.
President Donald Trump has been boogying down for votes on the campaign trail, but some people aren’t thrilled with him grooving on stage.