Donald Trump

That's based on polling before the 2020 election, the actual vote — and dismal midterms, said the Republican and one-time staunch Trump ally.
Republicans are dim, too, if they don't rein in Trump, whose "animus is almost pathological," warns Bloomberg's Robert A. George.
The twice-impeached former president, the subject of several criminal investigations, said President Joe Biden's administration is risking nuclear war.
It's unclear why they want him on the stand, but other Jan. 6 defendants have said they stormed the Capitol because they thought Trump wanted them to.
Trump kicked off his 2024 White House bid with stops Saturday in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
"The Daily Show" mocked the Texan's partisan takes on classified material improperly stored by Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Mike Pence.
Donald Trump could boost crowd numbers in South Carolina with a new take on the horror film doll, cracked the "Tonight Show" host.
He also demands funds be slashed for schools teaching “critical race theory, gender ideology or other inappropriate racial, sexual or political content.”
A bitter leadership feud in the Republican National Committee is testing former President Donald Trump’s grip on his own “MAGA” movement.
Donald Trump is Facebook's "White Lotus," said the guest host of "The Daily Show."