Donald Trump

The journalist and "Rage" author commented on Trump's disturbing refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.
Slogans and toothless executive orders don't pay anyone's doctor bills.
McDougal claims that Tucker Carlson slandered her with his remarks on the payout she took to keep quiet about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.
Trump has cheated his entire adult life, from failing to pay contractors to accepting Russian help in the 2016 election, and is now setting the stage to cheat again.
Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined to say if Trump will commit to a peaceful transfer of power and if the election's legitimacy depends on who wins.
A bit of deceptively cut footage tweeted by the president's supporters — including Eric Trump — isn't even close to the true story.
“He’s got superspreader events all over the country,” one Democrat lamented, while Republicans simply shrugged like they do at most things involving Trump.
President Donald Trump "cannot rise to meet challenges large or small,” the letter says.
The senator used his first public political event since March to paint a grim picture of President Trump's threat to U.S. democracy.
One person joked that he couldn't think of a single instance when the Senate majority leader "said something and then said the exact opposite" later. Oh, wait.