Donald Trump

Organizers of the mock election special for young viewers named Joe Biden as the winner — but only after removing about 130,000 fraudulent votes.
Miles Taylor has been identified as the author of a notorious anonymous op-ed in The New York Times in 2018 that claimed they were part of a secret “resistance” inside the Trump administration.
Miles Taylor, who helped enforce Trump’s child separation policy, had previously only been described as a senior official.
The president plows ahead with cross-country events despite the surge in coronavirus cases as he desperately seeks a second term.
So much for "creating a conservation stewardship legacy second only to Teddy Roosevelt.”
Biden was quoting the pope and stressing unity in America, but the Trump campaign made it look as if he was confused while speaking at a Georgia rally.
To reverse Trump’s scorched-earth politicking at the Environmental Protection Agency, Democrats want a solid résumé and a bent toward environmental justice.
Anxious Americans are concerned after months filled with disease and unrest that Election Day may become a flashpoint.
The "Late Show" host's fictional "Colbert Report" character has become a reality.
The party has persuaded voters throughout the Midwest to return to the Democratic fold.