Donald Trump

The former vice president's testimony could give special counsel Jack Smith some of the strongest evidence on Trump’s attempted coup.
“There are 75% other Republicans there that are looking for a place to be,” the 2024 GOP presidential candidate said campaigning in New Hampshire.
The former president used one of his go-to claims in an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, and the "Late Night" host couldn't be happier.
“I can’t help him,” said Christie, a onetime Trump ally and potential 2024 GOP presidential candidate himself.
"I would fix that within 24 hours," the former president said.
The "Late Show" host got the former president to reveal his nickname for his son, Donald Trump Jr., in the cleverly-edited bit.
The Texas GOP lawmaker was caught on camera nosing around on the House floor.
Philip Bump explained the subtext to the former president's comments on the 2024 campaign trail.
Even some of the ex-president's longtime defenders seem to be done with him.