Queer Voices

The NFL defensive lineman announced on Instagram that he's gay and has "been meaning to do this for a while now but finally feel comfortable getting it off my chest."
The actor said she appreciated the feedback, adding that it was "definitely not easy" to keep the show's storylines fresh after so many years.
The singer's long-awaited follow-up to her album "Melodrama" arrives next month.
Actor and co-director Alan Muroaka said he was "honored and humbled" to have been a part of the "milestone" episode, which debuted last week.
The co-owners of the historic nightspot said they felt it was important to stand up against corporations that "are trying to legalize discrimination."
The rainbow-caped intruder got arrested -- and was complimented on his swing.
"It’s taken me 23 years to realize that a label doesn’t offer some kind of inner truth into my identity or sexuality."
“I am grateful and humbled by the kindness and support that has been given to me," Laurel Hubbard said.
From Magna-Tiles to LEGO to L.O.L. Surprise, buy now to save later.
The director of a men's chorus group clarified that a group member accidentally slammed into fellow chorists at the start of the parade.