Queer Voices

Holden White, who was hospitalized for almost a month last year, alleged that Chance Seneca targeted him because of his sexuality.
"The Umbrella Academy" star was married for three years and came out as transgender last month.
Over Cameo, the "Mean Girls" actor promised the teen she'd "feel a lot of power and strength" in speaking her truth.
"What happened to Josh Hawley isn’t cancel culture. It’s called consequences,” the CNN host said of the Trump-supporting GOP senator from Missouri.
Gaetz's boast that he does his own makeup for TV sparked a homophobic response from the Wyoming lawmaker's aide.
The Human Rights Campaign, GLAAD and even Cher praised the president for ending "a shameful chapter in our nation's history."
For some fans, watching a new "Harry Potter" series would mean supporting author J.K. Rowling and her anti-trans views.
The new president is also expected to reinstate a rule protecting transgender students’ right to use the bathroom that best aligns with their gender identity.
Diversity programs have helped more people start their careers. But to build a truly inclusive Hollywood, they need more paths to power.
The president is expected to repeal the Trump-era ban that prevents openly trans Americans from serving in the military as soon as Monday.