Queer Voices

How to help teach your children about activism, tolerance, morality, and violence against Black people through conversation, books and more.
Massive law enforcement budgets have only increased in recent years. Activists are calling to defund the police and invest that money into communities of color.
Initially canceled because of COVID-19, the June 14 event will now harken back to Pride's roots as a protest for social justice.
Conversations about race, privilege and police brutality are hard. Be open — and have a plan.
The Netflix culture expert said white gay men in particular need to acknowledge how they have benefited from racial injustice.
The "Riverdale" star said she was a “proud bisexual woman” in a post encouraging fans to join her at a protest.
Mayor Jim Kenney called the statue of the late mayor and police commissioner a “deplorable monument to racism, bigotry, and police brutality.”
The New York drag icon sings Lizzo, zings Trump and shares her tips for surviving the COVID-19 crisis. The show premieres Friday.
The popular gay dating app kicked off LGBTQ Pride Month with a pledge to no longer allow users to sort through prospective connections by race.
In an emotional video, the talk show host pledged solidarity with those protesting against racial inequality. Her previous effort, however, sparked backlash.