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The 22nd Amendment bars a president from serving more than two terms, but "The Irishman" star is nevertheless worried.
And when it was pointed out that Tubman was Black, the executive offensively dismissed the concern.
The "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host also took aim at Republicans trying to spin the impeachment narrative.
The Fox host used an analogy about Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein to make his case.
They joined the Laker Girls cheerleaders for the halftime show against Oklahoma City Thunder.
People aren't sure if they agree with the excuse the actor gave for "Charlie's Angels" bombing at the box office.
The "Late Show" host said one key piece of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's testimony featured a couple of things the president hates.
Taylor Swift and Rebel Lynn bopping around as CGI cats? Nothing weird about that.
“I think the whole Republican Party will eventually FOLK THEMSELVES!" the actor-artist captioned his latest artwork.
"We lost the baby," the actor revealed ahead of his performance on the ABC dance competition show.
Cavuto also explained what constitutes "fake news" in his direct address to the president.
The "Late Night" host went day drinking with the pop star earlier in the year and found there's something she's not good at.
The president says he was just getting a head start on his annual physical, due in three months.
"Like Jenny From the Block — I do what I love," the actor and singer said.
The singer independently released a new video, "Empty," which is an ode to the loneliness of queer hookup culture.
Netflix's new docuseries "explores the depth of female friendships," according to drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson.
The "Last Week Tonight" host wants you to use the census to get back at the president.
The horror icon said there's no mystery about what the president has done.