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Page said he and his co-star had sex “all the time” — in their trailers, hotel rooms and even a restaurant.
"I think it’s probably the greatest thing for the show," Candace Bushnell said of Cattrall's decision to reprise her role as Samantha on "And Just Like That."
The star said she was only 16 when an unnamed "disgusting pig" decided not to cast her in a father-daughter comedy.
“That’s super depressing when I hear that,” said the "Thor" actor. “There goes two of my heroes I won’t work with. I guess they’re not a fan of me.”
The "Tiger King" star mocked the ex-president over reports that Mark Meadows has testified before a grand jury.
The hit Netflix show’s creator, Charlie Brooker, enlisted ChatGPT to help draft an episode ahead of the Season 6 premiere.
The actor said after his “Avengers” co-star was crushed by a snowplow, he had a life-changing realization.
The "Jerry Maguire" actor settled accusations that he raped a woman in a New York City hotel just as a trial was to begin.
The former "King of Queens" star, who left the church in 2013, said she has come a long way from her "8th-grade education."
The former child star said she wants to search for the reason she's so "tired and exhausted" with romance.