Jacqueline Gikow

Audacious-Aging.NYC®: Health & Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer

Health & wellness coach, personal trainer, and aquatics instructor, Jacqueline Gikow is passionate about healthy living, guiding you to a healthy, active, and vital life, with increased energy, strong bones, brain, heart, joints, and weight managed, now and tomorrow. As a certified personal trainer, I work with clients who may live with chronic (ongoing) or acute (sudden onset) limitations, from arthritis to cardiac issues, and stress to nutritional management, aiming to improve health and well-being. I provide on-site and in-home services. I understand bodies, and how to help people who may not like working out, move from reluctant to eager exercisers, without joining a gym (unless you want to). As a certified Health and Wellness Coach, I am not about showing you the error of your ways. Coaching is about energizing you as you rediscover the strengths you possess to manage your life. I work with you to make it easier for you recognize and achieve the best you are capable of being; inspiring an active, healthy, and vital life, now and tomorrow. Jacqueline Gikow is a certified and insured Health & Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches®), Personal Trainer (AFAA, NASM), and Group Fitness Instructor (ACE, AEA, AFAA). She is also licensed in Zumba®, Aqua Zumba®, and Zumba Gold®; certified as an AcquaPole®, Silver Sneakers®, and senior yoga instructor (YogaFit). She is a specialist in Senior Strength & Conditioning, as well as Aquatic Fitness & Post Rehab.