Kathleen Hale

Helping others to live better by using chairs less and moving more. Founder, Chair Free Project. Co-Founder, Rebel Desk.

Kathleen Hale is a serial entrepreneur, wellness leader, business owner, and former trial attorney. As an attorney, Kathleen spent years stuck in office chairs – until she realized that sitting all day was taking a toll on her health. She decided to make a change. In 2013, Kathleen co-founded Rebel Desk, a re-imagined standing and treadmill desk company, which now is a leader in its class. Kathleen then began a crusade to get people out of chairs at work and home. She launched Chair Free Project, a social movement that promotes healthy sitting and moving throughout the day. Kathleen helps spread the word about living a healthier, more fulfilling life out of chairs through her writing and national speaking appearances. Her articles and interviews have appeared on, FastCompany,, and PBS, among others.