Celebrity Kids

No harm done, said the dealer after viral video showed young Samuel Affleck, his famous father and Jennifer Lopez in their misadventure.
“‘The Vasectomy’ — Lord knows I need one,” Cannon says in the commercial for Reynolds’ gin brand.
Madonna and her son were knockouts at the title fight between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero in Brooklyn, New York.
The actor, who has seven children with one on the way, said he already underwent a “vasectomy consultation.”
The actress and her husband, Cooke Maroney, have decided against releasing any information about the birth, such as the child's birthday, gender or name.
Serena Williams shared how she saved her own life during a near-death experience giving birth to daughter Olympia.
Their preschool came up with a novel idea to stop the two young rivals from "buttin' heads."
The reality star explained that the name Wolf just didn't fit.
Moore posted a photo of her and Willis on Instagram, saying she is “thankful for our blended family.”
The "Servant" star said on "The Tonight Show" that nearly 2-year-old Wednesday has "opinions."