Conan O'Brien

The former late night host offered a silly salute and standing ovation during the awards show on Sunday night and made the crowd break out into laughter.
This feud goes back a long way in late night talk show history.
The "Conan" host revealed the secret to his success and gave his exit interview to Homer Simpson.
The comedian had the "Conan" audience eating out of his hand.
A nostalgic visit to the improv class where the "Friends" star and comedian met produced fond memories and helpful tips.
The two reminisced about Mandel's genius gag on the late night host and his staff.
Virus-spreading zombies on TV were no match for the existential dread caused by the coronavirus, the actor told Conan O'Brien.
"We’re definitely taking an opportunity, our writers, to let the world inform the show," actor Lauren Cohan told Conan O'Brien.
The acting legend had appeared detached and even asleep during the actual awards show.
The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star "doesn't want to be hemmed in by societal norms," Danson told Conan O'Brien.