Harvey Weinstein

Los Angeles prosecutors had been considering a new trial on charges that left jurors deadlocked at the former movie mogul’s trial.
The actor said she was set to star in an adaptation of the musical alongside Madonna.
“It scared me and freaked me out,” Hilton said about a 2000 run-in with then-powerful producer. Weinstein was sentenced Thursday in an L.A. rape case.
The sentence comes on top of the more than 20 years the 70-year-old Weinstein has left to serve for a similar 2020 conviction in New York.
Harvey Weinstein asked New York’s highest court to overturn his 2020 rape conviction, arguing that the judge betrayed his right to a fair trial.
Arthur L. Aidala, the new attorney for Maxwell — who sex trafficked children around the world to participate in illegal sex acts — said she was "mistreated."
The disgraced Hollywood mogul is already serving a 23-year sentence for another rape and sexual assault conviction.
The jury must decide on two counts of rape and five other sexual assault counts against the 70-year-old former movie magnate.
The director, who made nine movies with the disgraced producer, spoke about Weinstein during an interview with HBO’s Chris Wallace this week.
Ellen Pompeo proves she’s a badass in an interview about being the highest-paid woman in a primetime drama.