Harvey Weinstein

The funds will be divided on a point-based system.
A look back at the year’s most notable events, from wildfires in Australia, racial justice protests in the United States and a pandemic around the world.
If convicted as charged in Los Angeles, he faces up to 140 years to life in state prison.
The disgraced producer was convicted on multiple rape charges earlier this year.
The actor alleges that when she was a teen, the director showed her a “soft-core porn movie” at his apartment and exposed himself to her.
The singer claimed in an interview that she prevented the dancer from getting on a plane that the now-incarcerated film executive attempted to put her on.
The deal also releases accusers from onerous nondisclosure agreements.
The convicted rapist is serving a 23-year sentence in New York, and faces another trial in Los Angeles.
The convicted rapist was recently transferred to a prison upstate from the Rikers Island jail complex, which has several cases of COVID-19.
The convicted rapist began his 23-year prison sentence near Buffalo, New York.