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9 Reasons To Travel Solo In Your 20s

Whether it's the beach or a city nearby, traveling solo will be one of the most important, fun and major things you'll do in your 20s.
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solo travel

Travel solo in your 20s at least once. It doesn't really matter where, just go! Whether it's the beach or a city nearby, traveling solo will be one of the most important, fun and major things you'll do in your 20s. Read on to know why traveling alone is something you should really consider doing.

1. You'll have stories to tell.

You will see or experience things worth telling your friends about when you return home -- from funny moments to embarrassing ones to even dangerous ones. You will also learn a lot while traveling and it will make you far more educated than you previously were.

"Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." - Ibn Battuta

2. You'll get to know yourself better.

While traveling you will experiment with many things and you will get to know what you really like or dislike. Sometimes you can get into tough situations where you will get to know about your body's capabilities and how far you actually can push yourself.

solo travel

3. It will help you feel more confident.

Traveling solo is a big achievement in itself. You've traveled to far places alone, lived out of a backpack, partied without your usual friends, went on some crazy adventure trips and more. That is definitely something that will make you feel confident about yourself.

4. You'll get to meet incredible people and make new friends all over the world.

Perhaps the best thing about traveling solo, you'll meet incredible people along the way who help you, inspire you and share a drink with you. Young people make friends in no time... so do it while you're still young!

5. You may find love.

Almost everyone has imagined having a foreign girlfriend or boyfriend at some point. Here's your chance.

solo travel

6. You have the time and energy.

Whether you're trekking for hours with a backpack or partying till late, chances are your body won't be as fit as it is in your 20s. Not to mention, your career is still in its early phases and you have fewer responsibilities than when you're older. So... JUST GO!!

7. You can do it on the cheap.

Only your 20 year-old self can stay in cheap hostels or hotels and not complain about it. You can survive on less and live out of a backpack. You can even sometimes skip a meal and still go through your day without much trouble.

8. You'll get to improve your social skills.

When you're traveling alone, you'll learn how to strike up conversations with random people from all over the world, and you'll eventually get better at it. In no time you will have enhanced social skills.

9. Job recruiters prefer candidates who have international travel experience.

You already have experience with different cultures after all that traveling and you probably will have experience with a second language. Traveling shows that you can and are willing to work at different locations. Not all people are comfortable in doing that so you will have an upper hand.

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