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15 Food Reasons Americans Are Winning At Life (PHOTOS)

We have a holiday dedicated entirely to food. Enough said.

Americans get a bad rap when it comes to food. They're notorious for drowning everything in ketchup, for only knowing how to cook hamburgers, and for calling processed cheese product real cheese. It's true that in the '50s some questionable culinary choices we're made in the US of A -- like Jell-O salads -- but today this reputation is seriously undeserved.

These days, top American chefs rival the big names of France. And the food is fresher and more flavorful than ever before thanks to the rise of the locavore movement and artisanal food producers. We can proudly say that food in America has never been better than it is today. Also, we serve breakfast all day.

So while we might not have won all of the gold medals during the Winter Games, we are definitely winning at life thanks to our food. Here are 15 reasons why:

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We Have A Holiday Dedicated Entirely To Food
Flickr: Benimoto
Thanksgiving might technically be about giving thanks and honoring the pilgrims, but really, it's about the food. Turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, creamed onions, candied yams, cranberry sauce, green been casserole, pecan pie, and pumpkin pie, it's the best day of the year.
The Coffee Is Always Flowing
Flickr: JMetcalfeClark
None of that espresso, cortado or latte business in the US of A. It's all about the bottomless cup of coffee. One cup of coffee can only get us to remember our names in the morning. Maybe. So if we want to be fully functioning human beings, we generally need a lot more than that.
We Know That Soda Is Even Better With Ice Cream In It
Flickr: JMetcalfeClark
Because, of course.
We Truly Understand That Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day
Flickr: paghababian
And it's clear when you look at the breakfast options. Because as good as a croissant is, it's got nothing on a plate of eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast (preferably with a short stack on the side too). Or double stuffed brioche French toast. Or a biscuit breakfast sandwich.
Delivery Is A God Given Right
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While cooking is important, and so is dining out, sometimes nothing will do but a hot meal delivered right to your front door.
We're One With The Deep Fryer
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From chicken to Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to butter, Americans are up to fry just about anything. Even beer.
Bacon Is The Signature Flavor
Savory Notes
(And probably the signature scent too.)

It goes with breakfast, on burgers, wrapped around hot dogs, topping cupcakes, and served as candy too.
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Barbecue has a long history in the South, and it's now a treasured part of the culinary scene all over the country -- thankfully. A true grill master is not so much a cook as he/she is an artist with wood and smoke. Some are so skilled people are willing to wait upwards of three hours for a plate, like at Franklin Barbecue in Austin TX.
The Cakes Are Skyscrapper Tall
Cheesecake Factory
Why settle for one or two layers of cake when you can have SEVEN??
24-Hour Diners Are A Treasured Part Of The Urban Landscape
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In other parts of the world, restaurants shut down sometime before midnight and if you find yourself hungry at 1 in the morning you're SOL. But in the USA, no one -- not even Father Time -- can tell you when you can eat. Breakfast is available all day long at diners and a hot meal can be found at any hour of the night.
We've Mastered The Art Of Cooking In The Great Outdoors
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Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, peaches, anything and everything can be thrown on the grill. And when the weather is nice, that's how meals are made.
You're Expected To Take Your Leftovers Home
Flickr: seanmfreese
Even if it's just your side of fries. And why not take it home? You might just find yourself hungry once you get there.
This Is Lunch
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Not for everyone (like vegetarians) and not everyday. But seriously, you can get this for lunch whenever you want it and it's a very beautiful thing.
We've Taken International Cuisines And Made Them Our Own
Flickr: Collin Harvey
America is a country built by immigrants, so naturally the food is shaped by those people. Italians brought over Neopolitan pizza, Mexicans gifted us with tacos and Americans turned them into Chicago deep dish pizza and Totchos.
Even At A Young Age, We Know That Nothing's Better Than Sweet Summer Corn
Flickr: Monkey Mash Button
Eaten in the height of summer, right off the cob, dripping with butter. Perfection.
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