Women Are More Likely To Cheat If They Had Cheating Mothers, Survey Finds

Women Are More Likely To Cheat If ...

Looks like cheating may run in the family.

A new survey by Illicit Encounters -- an extra-marital dating site based in Britain -- polled 2,000 members and found that 73 percent of women who admitted to having an affair had mothers who cheated as well.

Sixty-two percent of those women said their mother's adulterous ways played a direct roll in their decision to have an affair.

Men felt similarly; Fifty-four percent said their father's affairs made them more comfortable with adultery in their own relationships.

So could cheating be genetic? As it turns out, some scientists think so.

Researchers from Binghamton University and State University of New York (SUNY) found that about half of all people with the DRD4 gene -- also known as the "thrill seeking" gene -- were more prone to promiscuity and acts of infidelity.

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