2 Creative Coffee Filter Hacks That Will Save You Time

Chances are, you've got a pack of run-of-the-mill coffee filters sitting at home. But if you only use this inexpensive -- and surprisingly versatile -- product to make your morning brew, you're missing out. Jill Nystul, creator of the blog One Good Thing by Jillee, has come up with two clever cooking hacks using disposable coffee filters that will save you time and money.

De-Silk An Ear Of Corn

ear of corn

Fresh corn on the cob is a summertime classic, but taking the time to shuck each and every ear can be a tedious task. As Nystul demonstrates in the above #OWNSHOW video, a coffee filter can be used to quickly and easily de-silk an ear of corn.

After removing the leaves, dampen a coffee filter in water and wrap it around the ear of corn, Nystul instructs. As you hold the coffee filter with one hand and spin the cob with the other, the silk will quickly begin to come off.

DIY Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt

If you love the thick, creamy consistency of Greek yogurt, this hack's for you. To save money, Nystul says she often buys regular yogurt on sale at the grocery store and uses it to make her own homemade version of the expensive Greek variety.

First, place a coffee filter inside a fine strainer or sieve. Pour the yogurt into the coffee filter and place in the fridge, allowing the liquid to strain from the yogurt overnight. "And in the morning you have your Greek yogurt, it's really nice and thick," Nystul says.



Clever Uses For Coffee Filters