8 Easy Ways To Completely Change Your Mental Space And Live Your Best Life

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Fit attractive blonde fitness woman working out
Fit attractive blonde fitness woman working out

What are some habits that are good to get into? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.

Answer by Lukas Schwekendiek, Life Coach, on Quora:

The best habits I have found among the most successful CEO's and Personal Development Experts are:

  • Affirmations/Visualizations: Take five minutes, two times a day to re-affirm yourself with your goals, dreams and desires. Most of us do not achieve our goals not because we are too lazy, or untalented, but more because we forget them and our connection towards them.
  • Go outside: Even if it is for just ten minutes a day, take the time to go for a short walk or sit in a place surrounded by nature for a short while. Take the stress of the day off and you will feel instantly recharged.
  • Exercising: Take care of your Temple every day. If your body is not in top form, you won't be either. Exercising, eating healthy and taking care of this amazing machine is a requirement for you to be able to produce at the highest levels.
  • Meditation: The biggest improvements in our lives come from within ourselves. And the best way to look at all the garbage, limiting beliefs and destructive thoughts inside of us is to meditate. Thirty minutes a day. If you cannot do thirty minutes a day, you need at least two minutes a day.
  • Smiling at everyone you make eye contact with: A smile can change the world. Not only for you but also for the people you interact with. Practice a genuine smile and give joy to the world. Impact the world today by smiling at everyone around you.
  • Greeting everyone: There is no easier and faster way to increase your confidence and go outside your own comfort zone than to just greet as many people as you can. Especially if you are in a big city and you know that you cannot greet everyone. Try it anyway.
  • Being honest: What good do lies do for you? You are only cheating your emotions and being destructive with yourself. Every emotion is a part of you, every thought has its reason for being there and lying about either of them will destroy you from the inside because you are not acknowledging yourself, thinking you need to be better, think differently and feel other emotions. Being honest with yourself does not mean you have to act on it. Just acknowledge the truth and then make the best choice thereafter.
  • Playing more: Find more ways to have fun! Life is not this strict, gloomy experience that we have to struggle through. Instead it can be a waterslide full of amazing twists and turns if you find the right things to do. Make sure you laugh out loud at least once a day. Do something stupid, childish and completely weird. Be yourself, have fun, laugh at your jokes and play more!
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