Hey YouTube Mo Fo, Get Offa My Cloud

Hey YouTube Mo Fo, Get Offa My Cloud
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Wednesday morning. Three pies and 48 muffins to make -- all gluten-free of course. The kid and her boyfriend are flying in tonight (yea!). The house, its usual cluttered insanity. Even anxiouser than usual. Time to meditate.

I switch my fan to its highest velocity/decibel level, and tap the Ipad to my YouTube Relaxing White Noise subscription. Between Majestic Fountain and Celestial White Noise (10 available hours each!), I'm going Celestial.

Waiting for the inevitable ad, mainly till it becomes skippable, I wonder if it will be somebody's new music video or three huge chunky rodents working out or doing something else that always makes me laugh.

Then I see a drawing take shape. Is that the Ayatollah Khomeini? I haven't inserted earbuds yet, so the input is all visual. The Ayatollah disappears as a hand sketches another iconic Iranian villain who is then wiped away, followed by drawings of additional Iranians, with assaultive phrases suggesting "don't talk about making war on America, do it" written or typed across the screen. Sucked in by this whatever it is, a video I guess, I keep watching.

I need to get calm and focused for the pies and the muffins and the house and especially the kid. But I'm getting pissed off. The video's message builds, finishing with the directive to "call your Senators at (202) something something. Tell them to strengthen sanctions against Iran, or 2014 may look like this." Whadaya think the final image - in living so to speak color -- is? A hint: starts with a cloud.

Then it ends. There's no credit listing its creators/sponsors, not that I'm surprised. I am angry. I want to call my senators, but not to urge them to harden sanctions.

I've supported the Iranian nuclear reduction deal in theory. I now want to instruct my reps to support the deal enthusiastically. That resolved and there being no new ads between me and Celestial contemplation, I meditate.

Later I Google around and learn that, according to the Daily Kos, the Clarion Project, a neocon anti-Islamist group, produced what it calls Iran Facts. So thanks, Clarion Project, for helping me achieve clarity. Your propaganda spurred me to oppose your position with unreserved passion. My senators will hear from me soon after the gang downs two pecan pies and one pumpkin, plus 48 Sugar-and-Spice Yam Muffins.

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