LA Zoo Chimp Baby Death: Zoo Adopts New Policy

Los Angeles Zoo officials have announced a new policy of separating newborn and adult male chimpanzees after a deadly attack in June, reports CBS.

The incident occurred on June 26, when a seemingly unprovoked adult male chimpanzee killed a three-month-old chimp in front of zoo patrons and employees.

Tuesday, zoo officials delivered a report to the City Council about the conditions of the attack and the actions that will be taken, the Los Angeles Times tells us. Zoo Director John R. Lewis told the newspaper that altercations between chimpanzees are inevitable, and that hours before the attack the adult male in question was seen "smiling...[and] showing no signs of aggression."

Despite the apparent unpredictability of chimp-on-chimp violence, zoo officials believe that isolating newborns from the more pugnacious elders will make for a safer environment, reports the Sacramento Bee.

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