Pretty Little Liars 506: "Run, Ali, Run"

For the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars tvtag is teaming up with Jaymie Bailey of All Things PLL to break down our favorite moments. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen "Run, Ali, Run."


VB: Seriously this season is just on fire! The character development, the relationships, the dynamic with Ali back as a regular Rosewood-fixture-- things are getting explosive in so many different ways!

JB: Character development in Season 5 is the best it's ever been in the entire series. I think that has a lot to do with Alison, but I just see the episodes getting better from here on out!

Which couple were you rooting for tonight? Ezria, Haleb, Emison - all of the above?

I've never been the biggest fan of Ezria, but I know they are soulmates. They'll be together in the end, so no need to worry. Alison makes me nervous with her feelings towards Emily. A part of me wants to believe she's being honest, but another huge part of me believes Alison is still hiding something. First and foremost, I want Emily happy and confident in who she is. So, I'd have to say this week I was rooting for Haleb! Hanna and Caleb need to be together -- it just needs to happen already. Travis is a great guy, so Hanna, I'll take him off your hands and you go back to Caleb.

I loved the Haleb scenes this week, I'm rooting for that couple more than any other and I'm with you: I'm really concerned for Emily and how she's reacting to Ali's return. "A" threatened to kill Ali if she tried, but should she leave Rosewood anyway? It seems like Ali's a target no matter where she is, at this point.

Alison is making things hard for everyone in Rosewood by sticking around. One of her best friends was doing everything but shoving her out the door in this week's episode. But since Alison's a target no matter where she is, she needs to stay in Rosewood. She is essential to solving the identity of "A" and I think if she left, it would cause even more tension between the girls, especially between the girls and Emily. The "A" torture isn't going to stop if she leaves Rosewood, so the girls need to figure out how to protect themselves and Alison until unlocking the mystery of the "A" game.

One mystery seemingly solved this week is the root of Peter Hastings' shady behavior. He denies killing Mrs. D or Bethany Young and explains away his behavior by admitting he suspected one (or both) of his daughters of murder. Spencer forgives him and feels awful for doubting him but do you think he's still involved somehow?

Peter Hastings knows more than he's letting on, and I think his older daughter, Melissa, is key. I think her secret is going to affect everyone around her, especially Alison and the Liars. One thing I've learned from this show is that Spencer should never doubt herself, even if a suspect is her own father. Mr. Hastings is also a master manipulator, so it's no surprise that he likely has Veronica Hastings back in his corner and that he turned the situation back on his daughters. But whatever Peter's hiding, it's going to rock Spencer Hastings' world.

Alison got her world rocked at the end of the episode this week. It looks like Tanner takes over this season as the member of law enforcement bent on nabbing the Liars. How much do you think she knows about Shana and the Philly/NYC trip?

Tanner is really smart, and she knows that people in Rosewood are expert Liars, especially our five favorite girls. I think she's got an idea of what happened in New York, but she still needs more people to bury themselves in lies they can't get out of that easily. Shana was in New York at the Fitzgerald Theater the night Ezra got shot. Tanner knows this can't just be a coincidence. And Aria, why do you leave your belongings sitting around in Ezra's apartment? Everyone knows the weird animal-print accessories belong to you!

The teaser for next week is that "Answers are near." Which questions do you most want the answers to?

When it comes to answers in Rosewood, I look at the short term. If we get long-term answers (who is A?) then there is essentially no longer a need for the show. So, right now, I mostly want to know what Melissa Hastings is hiding, who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis, and the answers to more secrets about what's hidden in Radley. I think we're going to start getting some of those answers as the summer season comes to an end.

Pretty Little Liars airs Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC Family, image used with express permission.