Now thatis slated to reveal who the series' elusive trouble making "A" character is in the March 19th season two finale, what will this mean for this intense hit series and seasons to come?
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No matter what your age or gender is, it seems like everyone can't help but be transfixed by the ever-popular show Pretty Little Liars. The four teens from Rosewood, PA, have captivated not only TV audiences, but it seems Twitter users as well. It was recently revealed that the show's title was the number one hot topic in 2011 on Twitter according to the website. This topped the show's ranking from the previous year when it landed in second place for Top Television Trends. Now that the ABC Family series is slated to reveal who the series' elusive trouble making "A" character is in the March 19th season two finale, what will this mean for this intense hit series and seasons to come? Details about how the big reveal will go down haven't been released, but it's safe to say that it more than likely will only fuel the fire that burns in fan's hearts for this show.

The midseason premiere of Pretty Little Liars season two is just around the corner and it's been teased that some major questions that have haunted the Liars since season one will be answered, along with an arrest for Alison's murder and the death of a beloved character. With all of this set to play out, viewers won't want to miss a gripping moment of this fantastic drama throughout the final episodes of the season. This internationally beloved show has snagged viewers from the get go with the mystery surrounding Alison's death, the very prickly lives that the ladies individually live, and the connection that the aforementioned intertwines. Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna lead quite the adventurous lives that "A' can't wait to tell everyone in Rosewood about. Then again, it seems like "A" has something on just about everyone in Rosewood, and that means that no one is off limits as both a target and/or a suspect.

Throughout the past two seasons little clues have been revealed here and there about the possibilities of who "A" could be, and when you watch Pretty Little Liars, you can't help but try and plot out who you think the culprit is. Could the mysterious tormenter be one of the Liars, one of their parents, a romantic interest, or an outsider? With the list of suspects always growing and changing, you never know what you can expect next from this dynamic and heart pounding show, or where the next twist may lead you. Part of the fun that is had from watching this show, outside of all the drama, is swapping conspiracy theories about who "A" is, what their motives are behind all of their torturous blackmail attempts, and what their end game for the Liars entails. Right after a new episode airs, and for days after, fans are buzzing with gossip on what happened in the latest episode and where their theories have led them next. Just when you think you've got "A" pegged, a brand new episode airs and it throws your theory right out the window and another one is born. It's these vicious cycles that have left fans perplexed and titillated on the edge of their seat at the very same time.

"A" certainly doesn't miss an opportunity to play games with the Liars, even at the expense of their family members, friends, or love interests. Then again, suspects can't really be ruled out even if they include trusted confidants, relatives, romantic entanglements, or acquaintances. There is always someone new showing up in Rosewood, or someone on their way out, which means that Rosewood is an ever changing community. It does seem like the only way to keep a secret, and trust someone in Rosewood, really is if you're dead. The lyrics to the show's theme song lays it out there for fans from the start: "two can keep a secret if one of them is dead."

When working on your conspiracy theory and trying to figure out who "A" is just remember: when you point one finger, there is always three pointing right back at you.

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