Ryan Gosling Was Forced To Watch His Childhood Dance Moves And It Was Adorably Embarrassing

Two words: hammer pants.

The actor Ryan Gosling may have impressed audiences with his dance moves in “La La Land,” but now we know his childhood talents are what really deserve the spotlight.

In an appearance on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show,” Gosling was made to watch footage of some of his finest work, alongside Emma Stone, Sienna Miller and Ben Affleck.

Let’s just say it was quite the adorable throwback.

Gosling, ever the good sport, laughs along and tells Norton the backstory behind the ‘80s dance number, which was apparently part of the final round of a Canadian star search. Obviously, the dance moves and vintage attire were a winning combination.

“I just shimmied my way all the way to that trophy,” Gosling said.

In the video, young Gosling wears metallic-silver hammer pants with an embellished purple shirt, a fashion choice the actor admitted he made himself.

“I wish I could say someone said, ‘Here, you have to wear this,’ but that was my idea,” he said. “I thought, I have a vision for this number and it’s purple and silver hammer pants.”

Watch the entire performance in all its splendor below.



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