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San Francisco's 'Painted Ladies' Are Our Inspiration Of The Day (PHOTO)

San Francisco's "Painted Ladies" rank up there with other famous attractions in our favorite city -- the Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, etc. Because of the iconic status of these homes, it can be easy to forget that people actually get to live in them. (And they pay a pretty penny for that privilege.)


These Victorian-era structures mainly got their nicknames because of the number of colors used to detail their exteriors. But these aren't the only "Painted ladies" in our country. You can also find similar examples in places like Cape May, New Jersey, New Orleans, Louisiana and St. Louis, Missouri. No matter the locale, we love this style of home for its use of color, ornamentation and proportion.

Looking for more exterior inspiration? Check out our slideshow, below.

Gorgeous Exteriors

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