What It's Like to Be Lena Dunham, SNL Host, Podcast Host and Feminist Icon

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Answers by Lena Dunham, creator and star of Girls, co-founder of Lenny Letter, on Quora.

A: It was invigorating and inspiring and exactly what we needed after the inauguration. Riding down on a party bus full of snacks with my Lenny girls was the feminist frosting on the pussy-hat shaped cake of my soul. I remember stopping at a rest stop in New Jersey, stepping into the food court, and seeing a sea of pink hats on women of every possible descriptor. Even on little tiny babies! That's what the future looks like to me, not a dark place governed by hate, racism, fear, and bigotry. It's a rest stop in New Jersey filled with the happiest women you've ever met in pink hats, gearing up for the fight/party of their lives.


A: It's like a week-long slumber party where you want to scream and dance and french everybody all the time! It reminded me of The Breakfast Club, where all these unlikely people and different personalities get thrown together in a concentrated bubble of time and form some really amazing, weird bonds and create things you've never dreamed of. Although nobody kissed me in a closet the way Judd Nelson kissed Molly Ringwald so I would in fact like a refund of some kind.


A: My interview with Geneva Reed-Veal, activist, speaker, and mother of Sandra Bland, was one of the most enlightening, beautiful conversations I've ever had the privilege of joining. I couldn't believe how inspiring, how driven, and how damn funny she was in the face of such an unimaginable trauma. Plus she wore the best hat I've ever seen and a dress covered in glitter to our interview, glitter which I'm still finding pockets of in my purse as a happy reminder of brilliant, unforgettable energy. Her words on forgiveness and survival will stay with me for the rest of my life. I'd be honored if you'd listen here

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