White Fear and Greed

Hi everybody, it's Dixon here. The Huffington Post has been kind enough to allow me to post my videos on their invaluable site. I'm very honored and humbled for the opportunity to have this platform in forwarding my message about white racial responsibility.

Up until two months ago, I had pretty much been doing the same thing for the last 10 years. I was just an ordinary Southern guy that, when I wasn't working to pay the rent, I spent my free time trying to learn and grow in anti-racism and social-justice work.

Then suddenly, my whole world unexpectedly was turned upside down when I made a couple of videos about race in America. These first two videos I made was just me speaking from my heart about race in the cab of my pickup truck while using a strong Southern accent. I had very low expectations as to how the videos would be received. But within just a few days, they had been viewed more than 15 million times in combined social media.

First, I need to say that there is nothing that I have said about race or racism that people of color have not been saying for more than 400 years -- with much smarter and stronger voices than mine. In this country, it seems white America is threatened by black and brown voices who speak on race. So I will continue to use this undue attention I have received because of the color of my skin to address our immoral culture and systems of white supremacy.

This video is the second viral video that I made that received slightly fewer views than the first one did. So thought I would show this one as an introduction, in case you haven't seen it yet. This video goes into the white racial fear and greed that often holds some of us white folks back from stepping out of racism in 3D: denial, delusion and defense.