6 Women Respond Perfectly To Old-School Sex Advice

A whole lotta nope.

Women do not need any sexist dating advice, thankyouverymuch.  

In a new video for Glamour, six women reacted to old-school, sexist dating advice pulled from different advice columns and books in the years 1680 all the way up to to 1984. The results are undeniably hilarious and cringe-worthy. 

The first gem of advice came from the 1680 sex manual School Of Venus: “I would have no Woman tantalize a Man with her hand, since she hath a more proper place to receive and bestow his instrument.” Thanks Venus, super helpful. 

One woman responded to the archaic suggestion perfectly: “Hand jobs are so underrated. Plus you can’t get pregnant or get STDs so that’s awesome.” Preach. 

Another one of our favorite tidbits came from author Ann Landers in her book Ann Landers Talks to Teen-Agers About Sex:

As one woman in the video put it: “F**k you, f**k this advice, f**k everything.” Sounds about right.

“Women are awesome when they’re strong, when they’re confident, when they’re smart, when they know who they are, what they want," another woman said. "And if a guy can’t feel manly on his own -- kick him out.”

We couldn't agree more. 

(P.S.: Us ladies aren't all attracted to dudes so update your facts, sexist dating advice.) 

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