Environmental Policy

Israa Seblani said the shockwave from the blast nearly blew her off her feet.
The storm, downgraded from a hurricane overnight, set off flooding, caused thousands of power outages and sparked at least five home fires.
The U.S. National Hurricane Center says the storm is expected to weaken after it makes landfall.
But Exxon Mobil and Chevron seek to assure investors the worst is over.
An amendment to the latest spending bill would force the administration to use a specific Energy Department fund for loans to projects that reduce emissions.
During an event in Texas, President Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden’s plan to protect the environment, contrasting it with Trump’s undoing of major environmental policies.
Migrating blacktips brought out the big predator for a close-to-shore buffet in a riveting video.
The right has perfected the art of misinformation and science skepticism over the years.
Exceptionally hot temperatures are melting sea ice off Russia's Arctic coast and fueling massive fires.
From polar bears to a pandemic, a scientist shares what it was like to be part of MOSAiC, science’s most ambitious mission to the North Pole.