Environmental Policy

Big brands are betting on a silver bullet solution to the world’s plastics pollution mess.
The concept of the apocalypse has never felt more relevant, with the threat of climate change, economic collapse, social inequities and a pandemic. But apocalyptic thinking is nothing new. It dates back centuries and has persisted across cultures — why? And are we actually living through the apocalypse now?
Environmentalists and advocates for animals have vowed to challenge a decision stripping federal protections from wolves in the lower 48 states.
Warming-fueled disasters and risky fossil fuel bets pose huge threats to the financial system.
The storm's strong winds, heavy rains and dangerous storm surge damaged buildings and killed at least one person.
The activist seeks an upset to become her state's first Democratic senator since Al Gore and the third Black woman elected to the chamber.
How the climate crisis could forever change winter, spring, summer and fall.
After Trump banned diversity trainings in sweeping guidelines, employees compared the atmosphere at the agency to the Red Scare.
"You no longer have to travel far to report on a climate disaster, as one will soon come to a neighborhood near you."
Fishermen found the unborn albino shark in a recent catch and turned it over to Indonesian authorities.