Environmental Policy

A new union contract at the Environmental Protection Agency guards against "inappropriate interference in scientific work," a hallmark of the Trump era.
European leaders want to transform this forgotten farming region into the continent's largest lithium mining operation — and locals are fighting back.
The agency has warned of an 85% chance of an above-normal season, with up to seven major hurricanes expected in the Atlantic over the next six months.
Dogs representing the top teams in the hockey league will get a chance to rollick around the rink in a TV special next month.
Steve MacLaughlin spoke out to his Florida viewers and forecast a better future if they vote with climate change in mind.
“2023 was an exceptionally hot year, and this trend will continue unless we reduce greenhouse gas emissions dramatically,” said one of the study's authors.
In exchange, the former president vowed to undo many of President Joe Biden's green energy policies.
The Maryland Democrat explained how global warming was “well understood” by the petroleum industry as he detailed a report from a three-year investigation.
The video, which has drawn a blistering response across social media, shows people emptying trash cans full of plastic cups and snack bags into the water.