Environmental Policy

Climate change denial and conspiracy theories about coordinated arson are dominating the right-wing response to the devastating Canadian wildfires.
Breathing easy in this latest disaster comes at a steep price – and at a moment when the cost of everything else is soaring.
The GOP rule during wildfires: Only talk about “active forest management.” Don’t even mention climate change.
Even short-term exposure to bad air poses major risks to your respiratory health.
The Federal Aviation Administration paused some flights bound for LaGuardia Airport and slowed planes to Newark Liberty because the smoke was limiting visibility.
Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now more than 50% higher than the average before the industrial era.
But supporters say the legislation is essential for allowing U.S. workers to compete with foreign rivals.
Federal prosecutors said Clifford Walters was not acting with malice when he attempted to help a bison calf cross the Lamar River to reunite with its mother.
Two clashing climatic behemoths will square off this summer to determine how quiet or chaotic the Atlantic hurricane season will be.
It’s the second decision in as many years in which a conservative majority of the court narrowed the reach of environmental regulations.