Environmental Policy

Tired of empty words and emissions targets without plans to meet them, the strike movement is coalescing behind a Green New Deal.
Activists are getting their messages across with some funny, angry and wittily worded placards.
La generación del "yo no me dejo" is about to merge with Generation Green New Deal as climate strikes take place worldwide.
The day of protest precedes the United Nations summit on how to rein in the worst effects of climate change.
“No debris flow out into the Bay or the Ocean,” Mayor London Breed said in response to the president.
A Sonora, California, couple had an uninvited guest who really hogged the toilet.
The New Jersey senator says the “data speaks for itself.” Experts say he’s right, and “the math is unforgiving.”
There's still hope if we act fast, experts write in the new Exponential Climate Action Roadmap.
Wyatt Walton led a team of men and dogs to remove the animal.
The president announced Wednesday that he's revoking the state's legal authority to set its own auto emissions standards.
With scorching summers the new norm, will Europeans become as addicted to air conditioning as Americans already are?
“We don’t want to be heard," the 16-year-old climate activist told a task force of Senate Democrats. "We want the science to be heard.”
The former president applauded the 16-year-old for being "one of our planet’s greatest activists.”
The state's waiver allows it to set its own rules about auto emissions.
Eating a mostly vegan diet that includes one animal product a day could have a lower environmental impact.
After last year’s devastating fires across the state, communities and state officials are on alert.
NAIROBI, Sept 15 (Reuters) - This Sunday in South Africa, an accountant, an entrepreneur and a boxing executive are among
Cory Booker was asked about his diet at Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate. Polling shows voters aren’t interested.