An eye-opening report ranks U.S. airlines based on water quality.
The problem could affect as much as 80% of the people in Africa by 2050.
Providing food, clean water and hygiene products is "without doubt essential to the children’s safety," the judges wrote.
Newark, New Jersey, could be the next Flint if officials do not solve the lead water crisis that’s hurting the city and its residents.
The New Jersey city discovered a small number of filters installed to remove lead were not functioning as effectively as expected.
It takes more than 1,500 gallons of water to make a chocolate bar. Consider limiting your consumption of these foods as part of a water-wise diet.
Swimmers were picked up by a mammoth wave and hurled into one another.
Just an hour's drive from Flint, the presidential hopefuls said little about the growing list of threats to America's drinking water.
About 1 million Californians don’t have access to clean drinking water.
Nearly 60% of the more than 4,500 beaches sampled in 2018 had at least one day of unsafe bacteria levels.
A Tennessee police department's warning about "methed up" wildlife has gone viral. Here's what experts say.
Keurig Dr Pepper announced a voluntary withdrawal of its Peñafiel unflavored mineral spring water after the study's release.
The Democrat visited the Michigan city "to let them know that we haven’t forgotten about them."
While there's little we can do to avoid consuming PFAS, there are a few foods that contain a particularly large amount of them.
The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the water delivery system a D on its most recent infrastructure report card.
New research estimates the amount of plastic particles entering your body from beer, honey, bottled water and more.
So-called "forever chemicals" are tainting roughly 19 million Americans' drinking water in 43 states. How are so few presidential candidates talking about this?
Since 2014, the water around Hoosick Falls, New York has been known to be contaminated by the toxic chemical, PFOA.
Authorities investigating Flint’s water crisis have used search warrants to seize mobile devices of former Gov. Rick Snyder and 65 other current or former officials.
A series of manufactured chemicals called PFAS were found in 43 states, a new environmental study shows.