Power has been restored to most homes, but millions of Texans are still being advised to boil water before using.
In Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi and more, millions of Americans are struggling after winter storms disrupted water the supply.
Power is slowly being restored to the Lone Star state, but millions of Texans are still days away from having safe drinking water.
The crisis is far from over in parts of the South, where many people still lack safe drinking water.
“This is obviously a significant and potential dangerous increase,” the sheriff said after the amount of lye in the water rose 11,000%.
Drinking enough water can be a challenge. These tricks will up your H2O intake without you even realizing it.
The water crisis devastated the majority-Black city with lead-contaminated water and was blamed for a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in 2014-15
An ad backing Green New Deal Democrat Kara Eastman in the Omaha area race casts GOP Rep. Don Bacon as a polluters' stooge.
Republican lawmakers slashed funding for agencies that should be testing water for PFAS, studying health impacts, removing contamination and suing polluters.
Samples taken from Lake Jackson's water supply tested positive for the amoeba that's blamed for Josiah McIntyre's death.