Joe Biden keeps saying “all” lead pipes will be removed.
The "greatest declines" in coral in the Bahamas are linked by researchers to the stony coral tissue loss disease, which may be triggered by ship traffic.
Extreme drought conditions worsened by climate change have left the state with too little water to meet the demand.
Wondering if you need more H2O? These common but unexpected symptoms may be the clue.
The measure will require the replacement of about 6 square miles of grass in the metro Las Vegas area, and save around 25 million gallons of water per day.
Arizona and Nevada could see their first mandatory water use caps as climate change leaves the Colorado River at a historic low.
Infrastructure failures following bitterly cold temperatures caused dozens of water mains to burst and freeze, leaving thousands without running water for weeks.
Power has been restored to most homes, but millions of Texans are still being advised to boil water before using.
In Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi and more, millions of Americans are struggling after winter storms disrupted water the supply.
Power is slowly being restored to the Lone Star state, but millions of Texans are still days away from having safe drinking water.