Rossi the pup pitched in and helped clean up after heavy snow hit Boston Monday.
Adrianne Haslet said that she was "thrown into the air" after being hit while crossing the street.
Boston Uber driver Michael Squadrito, 40, said the woman "requested intercourse" although she was in and out of consciousness.
Ayanna Pressley is Massachusetts’ first black representative in Congress.
For a century, people have built sea walls to protect against flooding. That’s changing.
Fotios “Freddy” Geas has reportedly not disputed his role in the Boston mob kingpin's slaying.
He was the leader of Boston’s violent Winter Hill Gang.
The Massachusetts company's machine Atlas is scaring people with its agility.
Brianna Wu is a videogame developer who was targeted by Gamergate after speaking out against misogyny in the gaming industry. Now she’s taking on politics to level the playing field.
Gas Explosion ‘Armageddon’
Rev. Christian Ohazulume has been barred from ministry over the alleged 2006 incident.
Ayanna Pressley looks set to become Massachusetts’ first black representative in Congress after the progressive beat a 10-term incumbent in the state’s democratic primary.
Reformer Rachael Rollins would be the first woman of color to serve as Suffolk County's district attorney.
The woman was pinned between a train and the platform in Boston last Friday.
The street name honored late owner Tom Yawkey, who kept black players off his MLB team longer than any other.