Marty Walsh resigned the office to take on his new role as President Joe Biden’s labor secretary.
A federal appeals court threw out the sentence against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev after it was determined that not enough was done to ensure his trial's jury was unbiased.
Police said Kamal Essalak trapped a woman in his car and refused to let her out as she screamed for help.
"I think when people see the new things that robots can do, it excites them,” Boston Dynamics founder and chairperson Marc Raibert told reporters.
The wife of Alec Baldwin has long claimed ties to Spain but was born in Boston with the given name "Hillary." She's been the subject of recent online chatter.
"This is what they'll do when they win," one Twitter user quipped.
The statue was to be placed in storage until the city decides whether to display it in a museum.
They attend the same schools and have the same teachers, but some kids have started to fall behind their wealthier classmates.
Election officials said about 122 ballots were inside the drop box that was set on fire early Sunday morning. Some 87 are still legible.