With providers struggling to find workers and parents struggling to find providers, two senators are out with a scaled-back proposal they hope can pass.
Monday's protests will come at a time when the political prospects for Democratic legislation are fading.
Rising daycare costs are putting families at risk. But could a new tax credit proposal by the Center for American Progress help alleviate the strain put on working parents?
The Century Foundation has released a potentially telling estimate of how the American Rescue Plan and its predecessors helped working families.
Advocates and early childhood experts around the country want more government action, but not the kind some Republicans are offering.
People should become parents only if they're sure they'll never need help, the Wisconsin Republican suggested.
Democrats believe it will be difficult for Republicans to oppose popular elements of Build Back Better, like new child care funding. But the GOP isn't playing along.
Some benefits would start right away, but others would take years.
It could transform lives for millions of Americans. It could also vanish after six years.
The GOP and its allies say the program would exclude churches. It wouldn’t.