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Women may be forced to leave work to take care of their kids, sometimes waiting years for spots to open up in local schools.
“For too long, crucial issues have been dismissed as secondary issues or ‘women’s issues,’” the Democratic presidential candidate said.
The median annual salary for a child care worker in 2018 was just $23,240.
Child care is a key barrier preventing women from seeking office. A fight is brewing to change that.
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Parents are finding access to affordable, quality childcare nearly impossible. Washington, D.C., wants to be the model of how to fix that.
The goal is to make it more affordable in America — and to improve the quality, too.
Democratic presidential candidates are getting behind some big ideas.
The proposal could put the issue on top of the 2020 campaign agenda.
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The school district has half a million students. Only a fraction of them have been showing up this week.
With no open slots and long wait lists to enroll children, working parents face rough decisions.
After her abusive relationship ended in tragedy, this woman found the strength to take parenting into her own hands.
Spa Lé La even has a room you can pay to just take a nap in.
Almost half of all parents struggle to find affordable options, a new survey finds.
Preschool state funding is up 47 percent in the past five years.