"To keep mothers sane and in the workforce ... we need a much larger public policy solution ― such as a new national 'CareCorps.'"
Essential workers have had to scramble for emergency child care, either public or private, to keep saving lives.
A mother in Oklahoma is poised for release from prison and eager to support her kids’ education, but the coronavirus has deepened their family separation.
"Of course I want to keep your children safe, but all the extra precautions can really do right now is give an illusion of safety."
From "de-densification" to social distancing contracts, big changes are here — and they could last for a while.
It would cost $9.6 billion a month to keep things going, and Congress is offering a fraction of that.
You'll need a clear picture of the specific safety measures your child’s day care is taking to help keep everyone healthy.
A coronavirus rescue proposal led by Rep. Katherine Clark is the latest sign that the long-neglected child care profession could get sustained attention.
As coronavirus lockdowns ease up, parents must choose between child care and work. Policymakers don't get it.
The system is in danger of collapse, warn Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith in a letter signed by 28 other lawmakers.