Women are almost three times more likely than men to leave the workforce because of coronavirus-related child care demands, a new census survey finds.
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The bailout would provide billions to prop up an industry that lawmakers are finally seeing as essential.
Women politicians have always paid attention. Now more of the men are, too.
Tens of thousands of in-home care providers can now bargain over subsidies from the state. "This feels surreal," said one.
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As child care centers face collapse and schools stumble toward the fall, parents struggle to stay afloat. The consequences for children will be devastating.
"To keep mothers sane and in the workforce ... we need a much larger public policy solution ― such as a new national 'CareCorps.'"
Essential workers have had to scramble for emergency child care, either public or private, to keep saving lives.
A mother in Oklahoma is poised for release from prison and eager to support her kids’ education, but the coronavirus has deepened their family separation.